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    Dirt may be more important than you think

    Lipscomb University’s 12th annual Student Scholars Symposium celebrates the original works and research of students. The presentations include scientific, artistic, and musical works. Isabella Whitt, a sophomore Environmental Sustainable Science major from Lebanon, TN gives us the dirt on regenerative agriculture and soil health. Regenerative agriculture is an approach to food and farming systems using conservation and rehabilitation. “This is something people should know because if we don’t integrate this process into our current agricultural society we won’t have enough soil,” Regenerative agriculture is a practice which generates soil through nutrient cycling, carbon transformation, and support through the physical and chemical structure of soil. Soil may not be something that…

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    Graduating to the jungle of Madagascar

    Graduating this semester is Ashlyn Korpak, a senior Environmental and Sustainability Sciences major from Grand Rapids, MI. Like many seniors, she is about to embark on a new adventure. However, this one is taking her 9,185 miles away to the island of Madagascar. There, Ashlyn will begin her 27-month-long journey with the Peace Corps, working in the environmental and agricultural sectors. “As an agricultural volunteer, I’ll be working with farmers and gardeners in the community to learn from them and share with them the techniques I learn from the Peace Corps for farming in a place that in already experiencing the effects of climate change,” Ashlyn’s journey as an environmentalist…

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    New ideas for a new school year in SGA

    Student Government Association elections just wrapped for this semester solidifying the new officers for the 2023-24 school year. Lipscomb’s SGA helps to keep student morale, advocate for concerns of students, and promote academic, social, and spiritual growth with Christian values and principles of the university. Our new SGA Vice President is Janeyah Anderson, a junior Law, Justice and Society & Urban Development and Policy double major from Hendersonville, TN. Bringing her passion and ambition into the new school year, she’s ready to get things done. Janeyah’s goals include making SGA a more accessible and approachable environment for students. She wants to do this by incorporating student feedback through an electronic…

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    Is it “times up” for TikTok?

    In March of this year, Tennessee state lawmakers passed a bill banning the use of TikTok on wifi networks run by public universities and colleges. Republican Gov. Bill Lee is expected to sign the bill. In December, passed separate legislation to block TikTok from government-owned devices. Tennessee is one of at least 25 states to ban TikTok on government-owned devices due to fears surrounding the app being a national security threat. Dr. Ken Mayer is a cybersecurity expert and professor in Lipscomb’s School of Computing. He breaks down how the ban would take place and bigger conversations that spur from it. The ban would not be able to remove the…

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    Lipscomb students share the stage with Andrea Bocelli

    Andrea Bocelli is an Italian international opera singer with record sales of over 80 million units performing with artists such as Celine Dion and Sarah Brightman. The world renowned singer just kicked off his tour on February 9th at Bridgestone Arena. Accompanying him, was not only the Nashville Symphony, but students and faculty of Lipscomb. Lipscomb students have performed with the symphony before and regularly perform with professionals. However, this unique opportunity was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Josiah Smith, a Vocal Performance major from Green Bay, Wisconsin described the performance as, “Chills all the way through,” The Lipscomb choir rehearsed for a week leading up to the performance and learned eleven…

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    The influence of Dr. King sixty years later at Lipscomb

    Black history is something we are inspired by every day, but it’s especially highlighted each year in February for Black History Month.  This year marks the 60th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday and his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. Sixty years later, how has Dr. King influenced the Lipscomb community? Assistant Dean of Vocation and Spiritual formation, Brent Roe-Hall said in The Gathering, “Our prayer is to be a community that lives out Dr. King’s legacy,” It wasn’t long ago that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 mandated integration of public schools. Lipscomb, a private university, followed soon after. Lipscomb enrolled its first Black student on campus.…

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    Ambulances arrive on campus to science lab situation

    Update Jan. 27, 11:45 am: Lipscomb University released the following statement. “Last night while conducting a routine lab experiment, three students came in contact, on their hands, with a substance identified as n-Bromosuccinimide (NBS). Out of an abundance of caution, the three students were transported last night to a medical facility for an examination of the skin irritation. They were evaluated, cared for, released last night and are back on campus today and attending classes as scheduled.” “The first two [ambulances] went by our house,” says Emma Shanahan, a senior political science major. “And then we went to our window, and a third one passed by,” says Shanahan, “we were…

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    What archaeology tells us about then and now

    Ancient places, letters, hieroglyphs and more. The remains of the past often lead to discoveries of knowledge that are still applicable today.  What is the benefit of decoding these often cryptic time capsules, and what is the take away? Dr. Mark Janzen believes it can make us better understand the Christian story. On Friday, October 21st, Lipscomb University held its first-ever Faculty Research Day. Students and faculty alike gathered in the Ezell Center to learn about topics ranging from science, music, and archaeology. The presenters included Dr. Mark Janzen, an Associate Professor of Archaeology and Ancient History at Lipscomb’s Lanier Center for Archaeology. Janzen discusses the benefit of preserving archaeology…

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    Childhood game played on Halloween

    Who knew they’d meet on the campus of Lipscomb University? One from Nashville and one from Kansas. It was the chance to compete at the highest level that brought them together. And there was always a chance someone would get hurt. The childhood game traces its roots back 200 years in Africa where it was used as a method to train warriors. Today, it’s played by competitive college students who should probably know better.

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    The countdown to the Artemis launch begins again

    First it was scheduled for late August, then early September. Now NASA’s highly anticipated debut of Artemis, a new Space Launch System rocket is set for November 14. The long delay in this moon mission can be blamed on Hurricane Ian and a potentially troublesome hydrogen leak, according to NASA. But no it appears all systems are ready to go. The Artemis program is trailblazing an entirely new future of space exploration. The purpose of the $35 billion dollar program is to build a global alliance and explore deeper into space. NASA is building an Artemis Base Camp on the moon’s surface and an orbiting station called Gateway. Gateway will…