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    Endurance Unleashed: Lipscomb Graduates’ Enerza Redefines Pre-Workout

    In the world of athletic performance, two ambitious Lipscomb University alumni have emerged as trailblazers, channeling their passion for fitness into a groundbreaking venture known as Enerza. Fueled by their passion for endurance sports, the innovative minds of graduate student Nick Regas and alumnus, Grant O’Callaghan, are rewriting the playbook on pre-workout supplements, specifically tailored to propel long-distance athletes to new heights. From many different prototypes, failures, and eventual successes, the co-founders of Enerza are on a mission to redefine the limits of athletic achievement. According to its website, “Enerza is a first-of-its-kind pre-workout supplement, which transforms a product typically used in gyms for lifters into a formula optimized for…

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    No outside dates at Lipscomb SGA formal, citing security and budget

    Once again, Lipscomb’s policy prohibits students from bringing outside dates to the Student Government Association’s annual student formal. The decision is rooted in security concerns and budgeting. Last year’s, dance floor beneath the Lipscomb University Student Body Formal sign. Photo courtesy of Kristi Jones. The Student Government Association’s President Janeyah Anderson, a junior double majoring in Law, Justice and Society and Urban Development and Policy from Hendersonville, TN provided insight into the rationale behind this decision by highlighting SGA’s core mission. Anderson explained, “The purpose of SGA is to enhance the student experience.” She elaborated on the financial considerations that influenced the policy, pointing out, “The SGA budget is sourced…

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    Lipscomb’s security improves campus safety

    Just months before the anniversary of the Covenant school shooting, Lipscomb Security is brainstorming ways to keep themselves and others safe. Stop the Bleed first aid classes are just some of the new offerings from Lipscomb security to make the campus safer for everybody. Lipscomb’s Captain Chris Warner will teach the safety awareness classes. Jeffrey Dale, chief of security, said, “That class basically is a situational awareness class. We’ll talk about stuff that we have here on campus, the Lipscomb Ready App, and all the services we provide. Then it’s about what do you do when you find yourself off campus?” The class discusses topics on how to keep yourself…

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    Bison Triumph: Thrilling buzzer-beater caps Star Wars night victory over Jacksonville Dolphins

    The Bisons win at the Buzzer with free throws by Derrin Boyd in a thrilling 84-82 victory over the Dolphins of Jacksonville. Will Pruit was by far the player of the game with 19 points, 8 rebounds and finished 4-5 from three-point land. Boyd was just as steady with quite 24 points.   Fans enjoyed a Star Wars themed game, nothing short of spectacular. There were several Star Wars characters in Allen Arena Circle for fans to meet. On another note, the 12th Annual Adoption Rally took place during the first half. 3 families were recognized at mid-court. Lipscomb Athletics gave 100% of the proceeds given towards the rally to…

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    Lipscomb kicks off the holiday season with 19th annual Lighting of the Green

    Lipscomb president Dr. Candice McQueen on stage with Amy Grant at Lighting of the Green in 2023

    Lipscomb continued a popular community tradition Tuesday night with the 19th annual Lighting of the Green. Amy Grant made an appearance once again and led the event with “Tennessee Christmas,” “Rockin’  Around the Christmas Tree,” “Heirlooms” and “Emmanuel.”  Lipscomb Academy and Lipscomb University choirs also performed on the stage outside of Allen Arena. “It’s another way to put Jesus into the Christmas season,” said Kalissa Finn, a Gospel Choir member. “That’s the main reason why I love bringing the Gospel Choir out here for the Lighting of the Green.” Inside Allen Arena was the Merry Marketplace, where local vendors set up shop to sell crafts and other wares. Rachel Risley,…

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    SGA has goal of creating bright campus

    One initiative of this year’s Student Government Association is student safety. President Janeyah Anderson said the SGA is looking to enhance the student experience.   “We have been working pretty hard to figure out ways that we can accommodate the feeling of safety on Lipscomb’s campus,” Anderson said. “We have been focusing primarily on lighting.” Lipscomb’s campus never closes during the school year. With about 2,500 students living on campus, they often walk across campus from building to building at night.   Commuter students find themselves in this situation the most. Staying late with friends, studying or attending class requires them to walk back to their cars at night.  …

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    Dolly Parton fashion exhibition sparkles on opening night

    Glitz and glam took over Lipscomb University’s campus last week, as the “Dolly Parton & The Makers: My Life In Rhinestones” fashion exhibition opened in Beaman Library. The exhibition showcases 25 of Dolly’s most iconic looks, while also shining the spotlight on the many makers of these pieces. The event began with a few words from Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell, who attended the event with his two daughters. “We are celebrating the designers and so many people in this room who as partners put in so much hard work, culminating in tonight’s amazing exhibition,” O’Connell said. “I couldn’t be more delighted to honor Nashville by being present at Lipscomb University…

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    Familiar faces dominate 54th Annual Dove Awards

    The GMA Dove Awards have made their way back to Nashville on Lipscomb’s campus for its 54th show. To no surprise, this show was jam-packed full of big names who took home prestigious awards. One familiar face who took home an award early on in the night was Toby Mac, who received Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year for his album Life After Death. After Mac won the award, he made it known that this was his favorite. “I mean, winning this Dove for Life After Death is definitely the most special moment at my life at the Dove Awards,” Mac said. Mac was certainly not the only one to feel…

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    Dolly Parton visits Lipscomb to preview “My Life in Rhinestones” fashion exhibit

    Charlotte Poling, left, Dolly Parton, Jamie Reschke, and Dr. Candice McQueen, right, pose together at the exhibit

    Earlier this week, the iconic Dolly Parton visited Lipscomb University’s campus to get an advance look at the installation of her upcoming fashion exhibit “Dolly Parton and the Makers: My Life in Rhinestones”. According to a statement from Lipscomb’s vice president of communications and marketing, Kim Chaudoin, Parton was at the school for an interview with Norah O’Donnell from CBS News. The interview took place in Beaman Library, where the exhibit is being held. Parton’s interview with O’Donnell was about her upcoming book “Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones” as well as the “Dolly Parton and the Makers: My Life in Rhinestones” fashion exhibit that is being hosted on…

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    Does your phone ring in class? – FEMA testing the Emergency Alert System

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency will be partnering with the Federal Communications commission to conduct a test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS).   There will be 2 parts of the test. The first part will be testing the Emergency Alert System, and the second part will test the Wireless Emergency Alert System (WEA).   Both tests will begin at approximately 1:20 CT on Wednesday, Oct. 4th.   What does this mean for you? The WEA portion of the test will send an alert to all cellular devices. While the EAS portion will be sending messages to radios and televisions.   FEMA and the FCC are coordinating with participants, wireless providers, and emergency managers…