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    Lipscomb track and field takes on Music City Challenge at Vanderbilt – a photo gallery

    This past weekend, the Lipscomb track and field team headed to Vanderbilt to take part in their Music City Challenge. The team not only broke three program records, but they took three victories in the individual events, and had a total of 21 top-5 finishes. It’s safe to say that it was a very good weekend for the team. Herd Media was at the meet, and Herd Media photographer Stephen Scarboro took photos of many of the events. Next, the team looks to the take on the outdoor track and field ASUN championship in Jacksonville, FL, from May 11-13th. For a recap of the meet, check out Lipscomb Athletics.

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    The Grand Ole Guitar

    The guitar-shaped scoreboard has been an iconic part of the Nashville Sounds’ experience. The scoreboard was located at the Triple-A minor league team’s former longtime home at Greer Stadium at Fourth Avenue South and Chestnut Street in Nashville. The stadium opened in 1978 as the home of the Sounds and the scoreboard remained a favorite site at games until the team moved to First Horizon Park in Germantown in 2015. The demolition of Greer Stadium took place in 2019.  This documentary is produced by the Lipscomb University School of Communication led by Demetria Kalodimos, professional-in-residence in the School of Communication and veteran journalist, and the primary student crew, including Spencer…

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    The coming of a new world – Artificial Intelligence

    The world is full of many different forms of artificial intelligence. Voice assistants, for instance, Google, Siri and Alexa all use speech recognition, which is a form of AI. Voice typing, machine vision, and language processing are all common forms of AI. As the spring semester begins, there is a new world that Lipscomb students and faculty are having to navigate. Artificial intelligence is that new world. AI, in simple terms, is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. To learn more about this form of technology, checkout this video: The latest AI software is taking the internet by storm; ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a chatbot that…

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    Scrolling on purpose

    In this short op-doc, we talk about mindful technology. Technology has been progressing and infiltrating society at break-neck speed since 1950. Anxiety and depression diagnoses have followed close behind. Lily Corley explores the correlation and seeks to uncover the path to flourishing in an iWorld. Dr. Shanna Ray, Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, shares her expertise.

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    Ahmed’s Lemonade

    In this short op-doc, we talk about entrepreneurship. Ahmed Amaar is an MBA student at Lipscomb University. But, you can also find him running a lemonade stand. His mom, Salma, taught him how to make lemonade and inspired Salma’s Lemonade. Franziska Decker reports.

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    Educating behind bars

    In this short op-doc, we talk about the LIFE Program. Lipscomb University’s LIFE program offers access to education to multiple individuals. It is an opportunity for persons incarcerated to further their education and connect with the outside. For a traditional undergraduate student, it is a transformative experience. Dr. Robbie Spivey gives us a glimpse into what it is and why it is important. Hannah Sever reports.

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    Reflecting on Covid-19

    In this short op-doc, we talk about Covid-19. Covid-19 changed our way of life. Lost in the chaos was the social impact it had on students. In March of 2020, students left for spring break only to find that they wouldn’t be returning to campus. Blake shares the impact this abrupt change in life had on him and how he has coped. Spencer Barnabee reports. Music by Purple Planet.

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    In this short op-doc, we talk about sustainability. Dr. Emily Jones believes sustainability is “humans thriving within the environment.” As the Director of Environmental Science and Sustainability at Lipscomb University, Jones works with students to promote sustainability for today and the future. Landon Austin reports. Music by Kevin MacLeod at filmmusic.io.