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    Cyber Warfare

    You walk into a room with eight hacked computers. Where do you even begin to detect the issue? This is the job of the Lipscomb cyber security team which consists of eight members and four alternates. Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in all forms. So, students on the cybersecurity team compete for a vigorous six hours to see who can detect vulnerabilities on computers the quickest. According to Associate Professor in the College of Computing Dr. Chris Simmons, it’s almost like a checklist in your mind; the difference between the first and last can be less than a second. “You have six…

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    When does fan behavior become lunacy?

    It all started with silence. At a place where you’d expect to hear a crowd. At the start of the 2022 season, sophomore sports management major Jackson Gibree said he could hear the sound of a pin drop during the volleyball game in Allen Arena. “How [can you have] this many people here with nobody standing up, nobody loud? Why are we not using our home-court advantage?” After Jackson asked himself these questions, you might say he grabbed the ball and ran with it. What started as a small GroupMe eventually grew to an Instagram account of almost 600 followers, and a new student section – the Lippy Lunatics –…

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    Black holes may be capable of resonance

    The only two Physics majors at Lipscomb University presented at the annual Student Symposium on Thursday, April 13th.  This year, Jocelyn Howland and Søren Thompson walked through several different theories and equations that led them to their final conclusion- that spacetime may be capable of resonance. If that doesn’t make sense to you yet- hang on, we’ll get there. To make this final conclusion, the two Physics majors used thermal physics, general relativity, and quantum mechanics- all of which they had little or no experience with prior to their time working on this presentation.  Now, what is a black hole anyway? A black hole is created when a star collapses…

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    Jeff Dale: From the Bureau to the Bisons

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on an FBI SWAT team and hunt down violent offenders for a living? Well, Lipscomb’s new chief of security Jeff Dale has been there and done that.  After graduating from Lipscomb University with a degree in accounting in 1988, he went on to become an FBI agent, retiring after a 20-plus-year career in October of 2002. Dale was prepared to stay retired until he received a call from President Candice McQueen at the beginning of the year saying Lipscomb needed a new chief of security and that he was at the top of her list! Dale began his FBI…

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    Lipscomb security staying proactive

    After the March 27th incident at Covenant, people have been talking about security. What does security look like at Lipscomb University- both at the upper and lower school? What protocols do we have in place to protect us?  Former FBI Agent and current Chief of Security for both the upper and lower schools, Jeff Dale, speaks about how old protocols are being reinforced and how new protocols are on the horizon.  Lipscomb has increased their patrolling and Dale has retrained the security department on effective patrolling. The active shooter training for Lipscomb faculty and staff has always been required, but Dale says he plans to roll the training out to…

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    Grief and action: there’s a time for both

    “…My phone rang at 10:45 or maybe even earlier 10:35, and it was the mom of the third grader who goes to Covenant and she was hysterically crying, and just begged me to pray with her while she drove to try to find her daughter… and so I just prayed out loud for 15 minutes while she wailed. And it was really hard. It was also a privilege,” says Kellett. Professor and future chair of the Lipscomb English Department, Dr. Brandi Kellett is very connected to the March 27th incident at the Covenant School. She worshipped with Dr. Katherine Koonce, the headmaster who was killed. A Covenant mom of one…

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    Micro-home built by the Engineering Department is delivered

    Micro-home being transported onto a trailer.

    The Lipscomb Engineering Department shipped out its first-ever micro-home on January 21st.  After the horrendous flood in Waverly, Tennessee back in 2021, the town is still rebuilding. The deadly flood caused people to lose jobs and many people became homeless.  Green Street Church of Christ, a church that Lipscomb has partnered with for many years, has a micro-home community in partnership with various organizations that allow people who need transitory housing to live on their property. A micro-home is a structure that is typically 600 square feet or less with at least one window.  When Second Chance Ministries was looking for ways to serve the Waverly community, they heard about…

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    Educating behind bars

    In this short op-doc, we talk about the LIFE Program. Lipscomb University’s LIFE program offers access to education to multiple individuals. It is an opportunity for persons incarcerated to further their education and connect with the outside. For a traditional undergraduate student, it is a transformative experience. Dr. Robbie Spivey gives us a glimpse into what it is and why it is important. Hannah Sever reports.

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    Division, debate and David Lipscomb


    This is America- and there’s no denying that there is division. Within the state, the city, the church, and our school, there is disunity. Whether politically, socially, or economically, people find themselves “drawing the line.” Someone might find it difficult or even impossible to hold a conversation with another person who believes something different, says something triggering, or does something that they do not agree with. On October 17th, an organization called Turning Point Lipscomb screened “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,” a film by conservative commentator Candace Owens about the killing of George Floyd and the rise of Black Lives Matter. This film caused a lot of controversy and hard…

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    “I can’t imagine a better place to be in prison”

    Lipscomb diploma

    Lipscomb’s LIFE program produces two empowered, prepared graduates Two Lipscomb students from Debra Johnson Rehabilitation Center have finished their coursework for their Associate’s Degree and are awaiting graduation. Molly and Evette, two students from the Lipscomb Initiative for Education, or the LIFE Program, have many mixed emotions about graduating. Looking back at the process of getting into the LIFE Program was not an easy one.  “It was a really big blessing because I had tried three times to get in,” Evette said. “The first time I got a write-up Lipscomb gave me something to strive for. I persevered and finally got in!”  “It’s taken eight years to finish this degree,”…