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    Sharing or Stealing? The debate around dining and Lipscomb ID cards continues after recent notice on campus

    A Lipscomb student waiting in line at Freshens, with a warning sign about student IDs sitting in front of him

    It’s approaching the end of a semester. One student has plenty of pre-paid credit on their meal card…but their roommate is broke. So they swap ID’s to get a meal. But hold on just a minute. That could now land both of them in trouble. Sharing student IDs to purchase meals on campus has become a common practice for many students, but Lipscomb is now enforcing a strict new policy that’s going to change our behavior. You may have seen the signs already: “Lipscomb ID Cards can only be used by the person it belongs to. If you try to make a purchase with a card that does not belong to you the…

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    The lineage of Lou: The long-standing history of the Lipscomb Bisons’ mascot

    There’s many traditions to a sporting event that just wouldn’t feel the same if they weren’t there. Remember when there were no fans at the games during COVID? Even though the action on the field, court, or pitch remained the same, the atmosphere of these games was’t the same compared to what we are used to. There was no roaring crowd of students there to cheer on their team. No cheerleaders chanting “Let’s Go Bisons!” or performing during timeouts. And no energetic mascot roaming the arena to have fun with fans to help keep things entertaining in breaks of the action. The game-day experience just isn’t the same without a…

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    Over two decades later, a look back at how Allen Arena came to be

    Ever heard of the phrase “If these walls could talk”? It’s an expression that references the history of a certain place and the things that have many things that have happened there. Well, if the walls could talk in Allen Arena, they would certainly have a lot of things to say and plenty of stories to tell. Since first opening its doors in 2001, it’s seen everything from musical performances, chapel services, award shows, buzzer-beaters, and court stormings. The home of the Bisons has been the setting for many moments and memories that have been etched into Lipscomb history forever. But how did Allen Arena come to be? Why is…

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    When does fan behavior become lunacy?

    It all started with silence. At a place where you’d expect to hear a crowd. At the start of the 2022 season, sophomore sports management major Jackson Gibree said he could hear the sound of a pin drop during the volleyball game in Allen Arena. “How [can you have] this many people here with nobody standing up, nobody loud? Why are we not using our home-court advantage?” After Jackson asked himself these questions, you might say he grabbed the ball and ran with it. What started as a small GroupMe eventually grew to an Instagram account of almost 600 followers, and a new student section – the Lippy Lunatics –…

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    Grief and action: there’s a time for both

    “…My phone rang at 10:45 or maybe even earlier 10:35, and it was the mom of the third grader who goes to Covenant and she was hysterically crying, and just begged me to pray with her while she drove to try to find her daughter… and so I just prayed out loud for 15 minutes while she wailed. And it was really hard. It was also a privilege,” says Kellett. Professor and future chair of the Lipscomb English Department, Dr. Brandi Kellett is very connected to the March 27th incident at the Covenant School. She worshipped with Dr. Katherine Koonce, the headmaster who was killed. A Covenant mom of one…

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    Winter storms impact on Nashville plants

    Last December brought the lighting of the green, but now all the evergreen on campus has turned brown and dead. Some may be wondering how this happened. Will the plants and trees revive themselves before spring? This past December a winter storm hit the midwest and parts of the south. From Dec. 21-26, temperatures dropped drastically and Tennessee even experienced a little snow.  Following the drop in temperatures, the plants and evergreen shrubbery around campus and Nashville are more brown and dead looking than the usual winter lull. Mary Weber, the director of horticulture at Cheekwood, helped provide some insight into the impact the weather had on plants and gardens…

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    What happened to intramural soccer?

    Intramural soccer started out strong, but many of the teams quickly began forfeiting by not showing up to games. The question remains… why? “We have played in about half of our games,” freshman Hudson Tucker, team captain of “Malachi’s Minions,” said. “Two in the same week we won by forfeit, then we [forfeited] the [other two games] to the opposite teams due to a lack of players.” Freshman Alexia Cook, captain of the Golden Girls, has felt similar frustrations. “We were scheduled to play 11 games and two of the games the other team forfeited,” Cook said. “We had to forfeit one game because we did not have enough players.”…

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    ‘Zeke’ mode

    Close up of an app

    On Wednesday, Sept. 7th, anyone in the world could have watched as Memphis underwent multiple shootings within in hours of each other, all by the same person. Ezekiel “Zeke” Kelly is streaming on Facebook Live while driving a vehicle when he pulls into an AutoZone. He gets out of the car and flips the camera around, just in time to show what happens next. Kelly fires two bullets towards a passerby in the checkout line, clearly visible in the footage, then proceeds to run out of the store as the video ends. “Memphis has always been a crazy town.” Thus says Evann, a Memphis University graduate who has lived in…

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    “What could happen to me?”

    backlit photo of student

    “It was all very scary. … I don’t know where to start.” states a Lipscomb University student who found herself in a situation where she potentially violated the university’s alcohol policy. Fear and misunderstanding of the university’s alcohol policy often leads to students not wanting to participate or report other, more serious crimes. While the university has an amnesty clause in support of Title IX, this fear can lead to a complex situation. Emma Shananan reports. Written by: Emma ShanahanProduced by: Emma Shanahan & Shawna Mann