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    What happened to intramural soccer?

    Intramural soccer started out strong, but many of the teams quickly began forfeiting by not showing up to games. The question remains… why? “We have played in about half of our games,” freshman Hudson Tucker, team captain of “Malachi’s Minions,” said. “Two in the same week we won by forfeit, then we [forfeited] the [other two games] to the opposite teams due to a lack of players.” Freshman Alexia Cook, captain of the Golden Girls, has felt similar frustrations. “We were scheduled to play 11 games and two of the games the other team forfeited,” Cook said. “We had to forfeit one game because we did not have enough players.”…

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    ‘Zeke’ mode

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    On Wednesday, September 7th, anyone in the world could have watched as Memphis underwent multiple shootings within in hours of each other, all by the same person. Ezekiel “Zeke” Kelly is streaming on Facebook Live while driving a vehicle when he pulls into an AutoZone. He gets out of the car and flips the camera around, just in time to show what happens next. Kelly fires two bullets towards a passerby in the checkout line, clearly visible in the footage, then proceeds to run out of the store as the video ends. “Memphis has always been a crazy town.” Thus says Evann, a Memphis University graduate who has lived in…

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    “What could happen to me?”

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    “It was all very scary. … I don’t know where to start.” states a Lipscomb University student who found herself in a situation where she potentially violated the university’s alcohol policy. Fear and misunderstanding of the university’s alcohol policy often leads to students not wanting to participate or report other, more serious crimes. While the university has an amnesty clause in support of Title IX, this fear can lead to a complex situation. Emma Shananan reports. Written by: Emma ShanahanProduced by: Emma Shanahan & Shawna Mann