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    Black Fashion Night Celebrates History and Trends at Lipscomb University

    Lipscomb University’s Black Student Association (BSA) is gearing up to host a captivating event, Black Fashion Night, to commemorate Black History Month. The event, which was held on Feb. 21 at Ezell Chapel, promised to be a vibrant showcase of black fashion spanning from the 1950s to the 2000s. In preparation for Black Fashion Night, the research conducted by freshmen fashion majors, Kayna Bowman and Arianna Miller, unearthed significant insights into the history of black fashion. Their diligent efforts shed light on the contributions of pioneering designers and iconic trends that have shaped the industry. During my conversation with Saxon Brown, the Vice President of BSA, he underscored the significance…

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    Endurance Unleashed: Lipscomb Graduates’ Enerza Redefines Pre-Workout

    In the world of athletic performance, two ambitious Lipscomb University alumni have emerged as trailblazers, channeling their passion for fitness into a groundbreaking venture known as Enerza. Fueled by their passion for endurance sports, the innovative minds of graduate student Nick Regas and alumnus, Grant O’Callaghan, are rewriting the playbook on pre-workout supplements, specifically tailored to propel long-distance athletes to new heights. From many different prototypes, failures, and eventual successes, the co-founders of Enerza are on a mission to redefine the limits of athletic achievement. According to its website, “Enerza is a first-of-its-kind pre-workout supplement, which transforms a product typically used in gyms for lifters into a formula optimized for…

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    Lipscomb women’s cross-country: The quiet making of a dynasty

    At Lipscomb, the growing success of men’s soccer and the longtime strength of basketball have brought money and recognition to the University. But what about the sports that don’t necessarily draw crowds or make money? The so-called non-revenue sports? Fueled by recent success, the Lady Bisons cross-country team is looking to break a norm and get its taste of recognition. If you haven’t been paying attention, the Bison women have been rewriting chapters in school record books every meet for the past two years. It has won the last two Atlantic Sun cross-country championships, completing the 2023 edition with a perfect score (meaning its runners were the first five finishers…