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Pony Express Senior at Lipscomb Academy

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    Interview with Sophomore Class President and Vice President

    In this interview, I was able to hear from Jonathan Hairston, who was voted Sophomore Class President. We talk about his past experience, his future goals, and gain some insight into what can be in store for the next year. How long have you been at Lipscomb, and what have you learned during your time here that will help guide you as SGA President?  I have been at Lipscomb Academy for eight years. During that time, I have learned that the class of 2026 values service, community, and fun. Aligning our events and efforts with these values will be my priority.  You mentioned in your speech that you have been…

  • Pony Express

    Interview with Senior Class President, Lucy Allen

    In this interview, I was able to talk to Lucy Allen, the Senior Class President. We talked about her role as president, exciting new possibilities for the senior class, and more insight into her campaign. How will your role as senior class president differ from Jake Rosenthal’s role as Student Body president? While everyone on SGA thinks of the best interests of the whole student body, my job is to specifically make sure that the ideas and thoughts of the senior class are represented to the best of my ability. Jake has done and is doing an excellent job of balancing input from all grades, but my focus is on…