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Class of 2024 Selects This Year’s Mr. and Miss Lipscomb

On September 6th, Mason Baker and Avery Calendine were revealed to be Mr. and Miss Lipscomb for the 2023-2024 school year. These titles are selected by the Senior Class each year to represent the seniors, the student body, and the entire Lipscomb community. These are the two highest honors a student at Lipscomb can receive. 

According to Dr. Savage, “Seniors select students who embrace and personify Lipscomb values as they seek to Love God, Serve Others, Respect All, Pursue Joy, Seek to Learn, Embrace Collaboration, Deliver Our Best, and Create Solutions.”

Avery Calendine has attended Lipscomb Academy for 14 years. She is currently involved in the Service Club, the Spanish Club, and the new dance club that started this year. She has been a part of the concert chorus for four years now and is a co president this year. Her favorite thing about Lipscomb is its example of how to love others.

“For as long as I’ve been here, I have always felt loved by both my peers and teachers, which has helped me feel a greater sense of support in my education. I’m so thankful to have that,” Calendine said. 

Avery plans to represent Lipscomb by serving others in every way that she can and spreading God’s light from the love that she learned from the school. 

“I want to bring everything that Lipscomb stands for into my interactions outside of the school, not just in the classroom,” Calendine said. 

Avery has looked up to all the past Miss Lipscombs; however, she has a personal connection to Mackenzie Flanagan who was honored with the same title two years ago. 

“I always looked up to her, even before she was Miss Lipscomb. Our families met through church, so we’ve been close for a really long time,” Calendine explained. “She was and is such a role model for me. She embodies what loving others with Christ’s love looks like and always leads with kindness. She is everything that a Miss Lipscomb is supposed to be, and I am so thankful to know and love her.”

This is Mason Baker’s fifth year at Lipscomb Academy, and he has played on the football team all of high school. This year he will also be involved in the Spanish club and the entrepreneur club. His favorite thing about Lipscomb is the Bible classes and the Christian community that the school provides. 

“At my old school, it was a public school, so there was none of that there, and being able to come here and share my faith openly and being in a community of believers is something that has helped me grow so much in all aspects of life,” Baker shared.

Mason’s older brother, Coleman Baker, received the same title two years ago. He makes it obvious how much he looks up to him. 

“There’s so much I’ve learned from Coleman,” Baker said. “He’s been such a great role model as an older brother, and his love and passion for God and His Word has just been so inspiring and it’s helped me grow so, so much, I can’t even quantify it. Just the way he loves others and loves Jesus is just so apparent and it makes me want to be a better person because of it.”

There is no doubt that the Class of 2024 chose the best two people to fill such distinguished roles.