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Interview with Sophomore Class President and Vice President

In this interview, I was able to hear from Jonathan Hairston, who was voted Sophomore Class President. We talk about his past experience, his future goals, and gain some insight into what can be in store for the next year.

How long have you been at Lipscomb, and what have you learned during your time here that will help guide you as SGA President?

 I have been at Lipscomb Academy for eight years. During that time, I have learned that the class of 2026 values service, community, and fun. Aligning our events and efforts with these values will be my priority.

 You mentioned in your speech that you have been an ambassador of SGA in the past. Can you give a quick overview of your experience in SGA?

 Having been an Ambassador for five years, I have seen how SGA has grown and matured from simply greeting new students touring the school and enhancing their experiences to having the honor of planning events and themes for all students.

What are some of the goals that you want to accomplish during your time in office?

My overall goal is to be a conduit between the student body and the SGA to help their ideas come to life. Specifically, I look forward to presenting ideas that will make chapel a more interactive experience by adding games and/or other facets of entertainment that keep the students engaged while also ensuring that the message of each chapel is meaningful and varied. I also would like to add new games to the house system and try to incorporate that into chapel somehow this year.

In your speech, you mentioned that you want to create a better place for all students, how do you plan to do so?

I believe that the best way to make LA work for all students is to start with listening. By listening to students’ ideas and concerns, we can create a more collaborative environment that addresses student needs. If anyone has a question or idea, you can find me in the lunchroom or shoot me an email.

You also mentioned in your speech that you wanted to be the start of a new SGA. What were some past problems you have noticed in the SGA system, and what do you want to change?

 In the past five years, I believe the SGA members have always wanted to come up with solutions that serve the entire student body, but one thing I aim to improve is including more people in the brainstorming and planning process. Students should have a part in our decisions, even if they can’t be in the meeting room physically. I want to be the spokesperson for students who don’t typically have a voice when it comes to making decisions that affect them.

What do you want the LA student body (not just the sophomore class) to know about you and your campaign?

My goal is to be a servant leader. I always have time to listen to what anyone wants to share with me.

In this interview, I was able to hear from Lily Ackerman, who ran unopposed for Sophomore Vice President. We talked about things she has learned, her plans to collaborate, and her hopes for the upcoming year.

Is there any reason why you decided to run for vice president instead of president? Did it have to do with you running unopposed?

I wanted to run for vice president because I did not want the publicity that came with being president, but I still wanted to hold a high office. I was very excited when I ran unopposed because instead of working hard to make sure I won, I did my best during that time to build and foster relationships with people I do not normally hang out with, and I plan to continue to do that throughout my high school years. 

How long have you been at Lipscomb, and what have you learned about LA’s community during your time here?

I have been at Lipscomb for 3 years now and through my time here I have learned how important community is to building further connections with people.

What have you learned from LA’s community that could help you?

I’ve learned about how diverse one school can be and I have learned to value other opinions besides my own.

What do you want the LA student body (not just the sophomore class) to know about you and your campaign?

I am a person who will be happy to listen to opinions and ideas on how to make this school year better than it is. I am there for anyone who needs an opinion, a shoulder to lean on, and a person who will happily help them in their walk with God.

What are some of the goals that you want to accomplish during your time in the office?

I would like to better incorporate other student opinions so that it is not just the SGA making the decisions and students don’t feel like we are the only ones who get that power.

You mentioned in your speech that you wished to collaborate with faculty members, What faculty members are you wanting to work with specifically? And what do you want to accomplish?

I would like to collaborate with teachers to help make their lives just a little bit easier by creating a somewhat calmer environment for them in any way that a student vice president can. 

You mentioned in your speech that you plan for the Sophomore class to stay fully informed, for their voices to be heard and valued and for every student to feel welcome. How do you plan to use your role to enforce these ideas?

I plan to make sure that when important events occur there is an email sent out to not just the sophomore class but the entire student body so that they do not feel left in the dark. I strongly encourage that if a student has an idea they shoot me an email so that I can help to put it on the president and vice president’s radar.