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Interview with Senior Class President, Lucy Allen

In this interview, I was able to talk to Lucy Allen, the Senior Class President. We talked about her role as president, exciting new possibilities for the senior class, and more insight into her campaign.

How will your role as senior class president differ from Jake Rosenthal’s role as Student Body president?

While everyone on SGA thinks of the best interests of the whole student body, my job is to specifically make sure that the ideas and thoughts of the senior class are represented to the best of my ability. Jake has done and is doing an excellent job of balancing input from all grades, but my focus is on making sure that the senior class is heard.

 What made you decide to run for Senior Class President?

I ran for SGA because I knew that I wanted to help make the senior year experience as fun as possible for everyone in our class, as well as hopefully make changes that can impact rising seniors. I am very outspoken, and I wanted to have an outlet for the changes that my peers and I want to see, so I thought that being our class president, I would have the opportunity to advocate for my class.

How long have you been at Lipscomb, and what have you learned during your time here that will help guide you as SGA President?

I’ve been at Lipscomb since the middle of 8th grade, so almost four years. Our grade at Lipscomb is very tight-knit, and over my time here I’ve learned the importance of fellowship that supersedes friend groups or extracurricular activities. I’ve learned how much more of an impact you can have if you just reach out to people you’ve never met before or listen to those beyond just the people you eat lunch with or typically hang out with.

What are you planning to accomplish in your time in office?

I am obviously aiming for the most fun dances that the SGA can provide. I want to make sure everyone loves our themes, and that we have engaging house competitions this year. I am also excited to hopefully have a senior bonfire, as well as work on a true field day at some point this year. I also want to work closely with my class to plan a really great prom, so that we can try and make the most of our last year at LA.

What do you want the LA student body to know about you and your campaign?

I would love the student body to feel super comfortable approaching me in the halls or making suggestions for things that they want to see happen over the course of this year. I want to be an advocate for both my classmates and anyone else who wants their voices heard. My campaign is largely student-driven. I am here to try my best to give everyone the best year possible.