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Lipscomb Academy’s Day Off Falls on Prom Day

The halls are gleaming with excitement, not just because juniors and seniors are beginning to prepare for prom on April 19th, but also because students will get the day off.

While many things are staying the same, prom will have a couple of unique aspects this year. One of these aspects is that the entire school gets a full day off. Dr. Shultz recently sent out a newsletter addressing this day off, saying that it was not made for prom, but was a previously scheduled school break. The upper school administration selected the day off as the option for Jr./Sr. Prom because it was just timely for both faculty and students. 

“To clarify, the school closing was not planned for Jr. /Sr. Prom,” Shultz shared via his weekly email, “Rather, the school closing was convenient for upper school to select as the date for its event.”

Last year many students skipped school in order to get ready for prom. Since the administration chose to have the event on a day off, that will no longer be an issue. Regarding the number of things students have to think about for prom, this day off might reduce stress for students attending the event. 

“There were just so many people skipping last year,” Jackson recalls.

Students have many things to do in such a short amount of time, such as picking out flowers, dates, tables, clothes, and so much more. Prom is often a stressful time for students, but hopefully having the day off will combat that.

“I’ve had to think about my dress, I’ve had to think about who I am going to go with, and then the tables, that’s different than any other dance, which is kind of stressful but it also makes it really fun.” Welch highlighted things she has had to think about to prepare for the dance.

Another unique aspect that changes every year is the theme. The Junior/Senior theme this year is “24k Gold” which was deprived of this year being 2024. 

“Me and Jake came up with the theme a while ago, and once we presented it to the SGA and they all loved it, we hit the ground running,” Caroline Jackson, SGA Vice President, stated.

As a tradition, students attend prom at Loveless Cafe, where food will be provided. Every year there is also a senior slideshow, which showcases pictures of the seniors from over their years at Lipscomb. Juniors will attend this event for the first time and are more than ready!

“I think there is more excitement around it and I think it’s more of a privilege to go, obviously because it’s only juniors and seniors,” Claire Welch, junior, compared how this feels different than other school dances, such as homecoming. 

All-in-all, from what we know so far, this prom will surely be golden.