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Brandon Bigsby is a senior at Lipscomb University majoring in Sports Media. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Brandon is an aspiring sports broadcaster and contributes to Lipscomb sports coverage as a commentator for Herd Media's student radio station “The Bison”. He is also an assistant sports editor for Herd Media.

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    The meticulous process of deciding on-campus dining options at Lipscomb

    It can be difficult for your “everyday college student” to find reasonable eating options outside of their college campus. Restaurants can be expensive, and ordering food can add up just as easily. Fast food can be convenient but we set trade-off healthy eating practices for low cost and easy accessibility. Neither option is necessarily conducive for anyone that simply wants to eat a high-quality meal at a low cost and with low effort. This is why quality eating options on campus grounds are so important for any college or university. So what are some solutions to this? Is it possible for students to eat a high-quality meal for with low…

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    As senior night approaches, Ahsan Asadullah looks back on his growth and journey at Lipscomb

    Since stepping onto Lipscomb’s campus as a freshman six years ago, Ahsan Asadullah has seen a lot in his time with Lipscomb Men’s Basketball. He has experienced an injury, a conference championship, postseason victories, a coaching change, a global pandemic, record-breaking accolades, and new teammates. When considering all of this, it wouldn’t be outlandish to say that Asadullah’s time at Lipscomb is one of the most unique careers that we have seen in the program’s long-standing history, and also one of the most storied. With Saturday’s Senior Night approaching, the Bisons’ star veteran talked about his journey at Lipscomb, the many things he has experienced in his career, and the…

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    Lipscomb Academy hires Pro Football Hall of Famer Kevin Mawae to be its head coach

    Ever since Lipscomb Academy’s 42-0 state championship victory over Christ Presbyterian Academy on Dec. 1st, speculation has swirled about who the Mustangs’ next head coach would be. Today, the Lipscomb community finally received the confirmation it had been waiting to see. Lipscomb Academy officially announced the highly anticipated hiring of Pro Football Hall of Famer Kevin Mawae as the next head coach of the football program. The announcement comes 55 days after former Mustangs head coach Trent Dilfer accepted an offer from the University of Alabama at Birmingham to become its next head coach. In Dilfer’s four seasons at Lipscomb Academy, the Mustangs compiled a 44-10 record while making three…