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    Kickin’ It – The data behind NFL kickers, how they make and how they miss

    Not many positions in pro sports are as much as an anomaly as an NFL kicker. Kicking in the NFL isn’t just as simple as having a strong leg. It’s about accuracy and refinement. It’s about your other ten teammates stepping up and doing their job correctly; from the snap, to the hold, to the blocking, all the way to the kick itself. And even if some of those things go perfectly, a simple push of wind can turn a game-winning field goal that leaves you a hero, into a missed opportunity that sees millions calling for your job. It’s a job that despite all of these factors, it’s comes…

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    Sports editor staff picks Super Bowl LVII

    The big game is less than a week away! The sports editor’s staff provides insight into the final matchup, concluding a tumultuous season in the NFL. The star-studded meeting at State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona, will feature the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Philadelphia Eagles as they battle for a chance at the Lombardi trophy. With so many storylines, including the first face-off between black quarterbacks in the Super Bowl, the effectiveness of Patrick Mahomes as he battles the high ankle sprain, a family affair between brothers Jason and Travis Kelce, and Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid, facing his old team. This matchup proves to be a good one.…