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Super Bowl unites Swifties and NFL fans

For many, the Super Bowl is one of the more anticipated events of the year. It is a time of gigantic food orders, friendship, sports betting, and commercials.

On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas, Nevada, to conclude another exciting football season.

But this year brings an element that is hardly unbeknownst to anyone.

The game-changer comes in the form of 14-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift, who currently dates Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

“I know some people are upset about it, but I think it brings more eyes to the Super Bowl,” said junior software engineering major Tanish Neema.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Swift’s ubiquity plus her relationship with Kelce led to an additional 2 million female viewers for a Sunday Night Football matchup in early October.

Now, the NFL hopes to gain even more viewers than the 113 million who watched last year.

Is the NFL scripted? Could the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce romance all be a marketing ploy?

One thing for sure is that the migration of Swifties to the NFL is a pop cultural phenomenon that hasn’t been seen since Barbenheimer last summer.

This combination of images shows Margot Robbie in a scene from “Barbie,” left, and Cillian Murphy in a scene from “Oppenheimer.” (Warner Bros Pictures/Universal Pictures via AP)

With Barbenheimer, you saw “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie” fans come together to enjoy two of the more exciting movies of 2023. Sunday, Swifties and NFL fans will tune in to what proves to be a good matchup.

Despite all the off-field drama, some still enjoy watching for the typical yearly enjoyment of the big game.

“Taylor Swift does not determine whether I want to watch it more or not,” said junior film production major Danielle Coury.

Aside from the Taylor Swift pandemonium, there are some great storylines heading into the matchup.

The possibility for a Mr. Irrelevant (Last pick in the draft) Super Bowl winner in 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, a rematch of Super Bowl 54, and the potential for the Chiefs to win their second consecutive Super Bowl.

With that, it is time to shift to the matchup in the Sin City on Sunday.

Whether you are a Swiftie, NFL fan, or casual viewer, the Super Bowl will always be a time of excitement and gathering.