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Empowering Student Voices: Lipscomb SGA Elections Highlights Continued Student Leadership 

The Student Government Association is a key part of the Lipscomb leadership team. SGA provides a voice for students and ensures all voices are heard.  

This year’s election brings back familiar faces as well as a lineup of new candidates who are willing to bring new ideas. 

Janeyah Anderson, current 23-24 SGA Executive President, is seeking reelection unopposed for the 24-25 school year.  

With nearly a full school year at the helm, Anderson talked about how she is going to build on the work that she has already done.  

“This year, I feel like I have done a lot of good work. We have made a lot of good relationships with faculty. For example, Sodexo. We are having Sodexo meetings. Just talking about the students’ actual needs. I think there can be a gap between what administration thinks we need and what we actually need. Basically, we are here to make sure that gap is filled and that your opinions are being implemented into administrative conversations at all times.  I think I am just going to keep building upon those faculty relationships,” said Anderson at the SGA Candidate Forum. 

As Anderson reflects on this past year, she mentions a quote. “There is no better way to show that you care than putting in the effort to promote action.”  She mentions, “It is one thing to say that you care but it’s another to actually take initiative. When you promote action, you are showing people that you are not just a passive observer but someone who is willing to roll up your sleeves and work towards meaningful change.” 

Alongside Anderson, is Kate Muller. Muller is the current 23-24 SGA Executive Vice President and is running for reelection unopposed for the 24-25 academic year. Muller has been involved with student leadership for several years now. 

When asked about her plans for next year, Muller mentioned her ideas on how to increase school spirit on campus through events involving Lipscomb sports. 

“One thing that Janeyah and I would like to do this next year is we would like to continue to build upon our relationships with athletics. We would like to see more school spirit on campus. This year we got to collaborate with SAB to put on the first “The Tailgate”. We would love to just continue to foster a community of school spirit and being a big sports fan, I believe I am one of the best people if not the best person to foster that,” Muller concluded.  

The SGA Elections is for more than just the executive team, it includes class officers, presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, and coordinators.  

SGA Elections Ballot 

Sophomore Class President Candidates – Ivana Huffines and Taylor Elliot 

Sophomore Vice President Candidates – Vina Nguyen 

Junior Class President Candidates – Lydia Knobloch 

Junior Class Vice President Candidates – Sierra Beck 

Senior Class President Candidates – Shythaly Herrera  

Senior Class Vice President Candidates – Oliver Orellana 

Senior Class Coordinator – Antonious Mikaeel 

Executive President – Janeyah Anderson 

Executive Vice President – Kate Muller 

Executive Secretary – Abbie Collins and Rachael Ferguson 

Executive Treasurer – Kasen Holt 

Elections begin Tuesday, April 9. Check your inbox to confirm your ballot and cast your vote.