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Singarama Finale: A Night of Talent, Tradition, and Celebration

Collins Auditorium buzzed with excitement as Singarama’s final night kicked off in style. Packed with talent and anticipation, the stage was set for an unforgettable evening of performances and awards. From electrifying renditions of classic hits to captivating choreography, the night promised to be a celebration of music and competition. 

The hosts accompanied by the Singarama house band led the evening with a slew of hit songs and performances. The Eras hosts include Sh’ahr Blackburn, Ava Poling, Max Martain, Trinity Brown, Logan Bennett, and Allie Andres.  

The entire crew opened the show with a rendition of “let’s Go Crazy” by Prince.  

Max Martin, who took on the style of George Strait, performed “Fortunate Son” by Credence Clearwater Revival, and the crowd favorite, “Amarillo by Morning” by George Strait.  

Photo taken by Isaiah Davis

Logan Bennett is a sophomore commercial music singer-songwriter major from Atlanta Georgia. Bennett soloed a patriotic themed 80s mashup starring, “Summer of ‘69”, “Born in the USA” and Rock in the USA. 

Host Logan Bennett sings “R.O.C.K. in the USA”

Ava Poling led 70s hit song “Stand by Your Man”. Poling is a sophomore commercial music singer-songwriter major from Granville, OH.  

Photo taken by Isaiah Davis

Trinity Brown showed off in an R&B Medley including “Waterfalls,” “That Thing,” and “You Gotta Be.” Brown is from Nashville and is in her final year as a psychology major.   

Photo taken by Isaiah Davis

Allie Andres starred on a stage of flames singing “Holding Out for a Hero.” Andres is a sophomore musical theater major from Sunman, IN.  

Photo taken by Isaiah Davis

Finally, Sh’ahr Blackburn stole the show on a spooky foggy stage with his addition of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. Blackburn, accompanied by Trinity Brown, sported a red jumpsuit and the all-time great’s moves. Surrounded by zombies, the performance ended with the great howl of the wolf.  

As the night ended the evening was just getting started with the award presentation. Executive producers, Mike Fernandez and Landon Parrish presented the awards for best vocals and entertainment.  

Capturing the vocals prize was the 90s group, The Era of Inspiration. The 90s submission included hit songs by the Backstreet Boys, Shania Twain, and Britney Spears. Directors, Sean Worth, Emmie Huffines, were accompanied by members of Pi Delta, Theta Psi, Phi Nu, and friends.  

The Championship Era secured the title for best Entertainment with their stolen mascot and NAIA Championship story.  

Lastly, President Candice McQueen presented the highly anticipated sweepstakes title for best overall group.  

“Well, it is the pencil skirt wearing president from the future,” President McQueen stated referencing the president from the future in the 80s storyline. “Remember we are all winners at Lipscomb University.” 

After a drum roll, the top prize was awarded to the Era of Inspiration. After 10 weeks of preparation and 4 performances the 90s era accepted their earned hardware.  

As Singarama’s final night concluded, it left a memorable mark on attendees, bringing together students, alumni, family, and friends. They celebrated the tradition of talent and community, creating lasting connections and memories for the future.