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Burton Saunders Senior Profile

1) Name, hometown, major

Nashville, Tenn., Biology

2) What’s next after your graduation?

Taking a year off before Pharmacy school

3) Long term career goals?

Pharmacy school

4) What is the most important thing you learned at Lipscomb?

I learned how to work hard.  I learned how to think analytically. I learned to see other viewpoints than my own or what I was raised on.  My mind has been opened and horizons broadened, and I’ve come to appreciate my parents more and more.

5) Who at Lipscomb influenced you the most and how?

Dave Clayton, Doctor Jon Lowrance would probably be the two biggest. Dave was the campus minister here for a long time (before going on sabbatical this year) and really helped mentor me spiritually. Dr. Lowrance taught me about working hard in Biology, and also pursuing what makes me happy and fulfilled