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    “I And You” and all of us: students lead Lipscomb’s latest theatre production

    The Lipscomb University theatre department is back with a completely student-led production, I and You. You may only see two actors on stage, but it involves more than a dozen students in key roles behind the scenes.  photo courtesy of Kaylie Herpolsheimer The play is about two high schoolers required to meet for a project. The main characters are played by two senior theatre majors. Lorenzo Rivera plays Anthony and Marley Crouch plays Caroline.  “The story is really interesting,” says Crouch. “Just to watch these two people meet for the first time and learn more about each other and to experience life with someone else is just a really cool thing…

  • Pony Express

    Lipscomb Academy performs The Little Mermaid for Spring Musical 

    The Lipscomb Academy theater program performed the Disney classic “The Little Mermaid” for their annual high school musical. Behind the scenes, the program navigated exciting technical challenges, new cast members and a new staff.  The musical featured one of Lipscomb’s first Sophomore Leads, Charlotte Payne as Ariel, and new student Kyle Varenkamp as Prince Eric. Both thrived despite having less experience with the Lipscomb theater programs. The cast also adapted to a new Director, Christin Toole, since Lipscomb’s previous Director transferred to the university.  The Lipscomb Academy Theater Program has performed many great Disney hits over the past years including “Cinderella” in 2018 and “High School Musical” in 2022. This…