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    Sharing or Stealing? The debate around dining and Lipscomb ID cards continues after recent notice on campus

    A Lipscomb student waiting in line at Freshens, with a warning sign about student IDs sitting in front of him

    It’s approaching the end of a semester. One student has plenty of pre-paid credit on their meal card…but their roommate is broke. So they swap ID’s to get a meal. But hold on just a minute. That could now land both of them in trouble. Sharing student IDs to purchase meals on campus has become a common practice for many students, but Lipscomb is now enforcing a strict new policy that’s going to change our behavior. You may have seen the signs already: “Lipscomb ID Cards can only be used by the person it belongs to. If you try to make a purchase with a card that does not belong to you the…

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    Is it “times up” for TikTok?

    In March of this year, Tennessee state lawmakers passed a bill banning the use of TikTok on wifi networks run by public universities and colleges. Republican Gov. Bill Lee is expected to sign the bill. In December, passed separate legislation to block TikTok from government-owned devices. Tennessee is one of at least 25 states to ban TikTok on government-owned devices due to fears surrounding the app being a national security threat. Dr. Ken Mayer is a cybersecurity expert and professor in Lipscomb’s School of Computing. He breaks down how the ban would take place and bigger conversations that spur from it. The ban would not be able to remove the…