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    Super Bowl unites Swifties and NFL fans

    For many, the Super Bowl is one of the more anticipated events of the year. It is a time of gigantic food orders, friendship, sports betting, and commercials. On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas, Nevada, to conclude another exciting football season. But this year brings an element that is hardly unbeknownst to anyone. The game-changer comes in the form of 14-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift, who currently dates Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. “I know some people are upset about it, but I think it brings more eyes to the Super Bowl,” said junior software engineering major Tanish Neema. According…

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    ‘Missing’ mixes modern tech and mystery

    Over the weekend, I searched for a movie that would follow up an exciting day of NFL playoff divisional action. My search would ultimately lead me to Missing, a newly-released film created by debut directors Nick Johnson and Will Merrick that was surprisingly good. Typically, January is a slower month in terms of movie releases. However, this movie excels at combining the modernness of today’s world with the thrill of an adrenaline-rushing mystery. The film begins with a video archive that features a young June (Storm Reid) playing with her since-deceased dad, James (Tim Griffin). Following the emotional introduction, it is learned that June’s mother, Grace (Nia Long), is preparing to…

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    Smile restores horror category

    Warning: This film is R-rated and is not appropriate for all ages. Viewer discretion is advised. October is upon us, which means that spooky season is finally here! Smile, the debut feature film from director Parker Fill, will leave its audience with a feeling of dread as they sleep in their bed. When this film began showing trailers in movie theaters, I was unsure what to expect. Then, Paramount Pictures hired actors to attend sporting events and smile in a terrifying way, which started to raise my interest even more. Would the film be another lackadaisical attempt to satisfy a thirst for horror in October? Or did this film have…