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    The Grand Ole Guitar

    The guitar-shaped scoreboard has been an iconic part of the Nashville Sounds’ experience. The scoreboard was located at the Triple-A minor league team’s former longtime home at Greer Stadium at Fourth Avenue South and Chestnut Street in Nashville. The stadium opened in 1978 as the home of the Sounds and the scoreboard remained a favorite site at games until the team moved to First Horizon Park in Germantown in 2015. The demolition of Greer Stadium took place in 2019.  This documentary is produced by the Lipscomb University School of Communication led by Demetria Kalodimos, professional-in-residence in the School of Communication and veteran journalist, and the primary student crew, including Spencer…

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    Cuba: finding freedom and voice

    In this short op-doc, we talk about Cuba. Civil rights are fundamental to our lives. We often take them for granted. For over six decades the people of Cuba were stripped of their basic freedoms. Julianna Corral’s grandfather tells his story of living in Cuba and escaping communist rule. Julianna Corral reports.

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    Division, debate and David Lipscomb


    This is America- and there’s no denying that there is division. Within the state, the city, the church, and our school, there is disunity. Whether politically, socially, or economically, people find themselves “drawing the line.” Someone might find it difficult or even impossible to hold a conversation with another person who believes something different, says something triggering, or does something that they do not agree with. On October 17th, an organization called Turning Point Lipscomb screened “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,” a film by conservative commentator Candace Owens about the killing of George Floyd and the rise of Black Lives Matter. This film caused a lot of controversy and hard…