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“I’ll Be Back” wins Singarama 2010

“I’ll Be Back” captured the Sweepstakes title for Singarama 2010.

“I’ll Be Back” was also the winner of staging on Saturday afternoon. “You Can’t Handle the Truth” won in the theme category, judged on Thursday night, and in the music category, judged on Friday  night.

“I’ll Be Back,” directed by Caroline Newhouse, followed a fourth grader named Eddie into a summer that could change his life forever.

“I was so excited when I heard our name called,” said Austin Bever, a freshman from Cincinnati, Ohio. “It’s so fun to watch the performances, but of course even more fun to hear your group called. We all have been working so hard.”

“Winning makes all the hard work, sweat and time pay off,” said Drew Lewis, a junior from Manchester, Tenn.

This year, with the theme “Can I Quote You on That?” was the 47th showing of Singarama.

Sarah Keith Gamble, associate dean of Campus Life, has been involved with Singarama for much of its storied history. Yet, every year she is surprised by the imagination of the students.

“I love seeing the creativity,” Gamble said.  “It’s amazing to me to see what the students come up with, not just for the story lines, but everything on top of it.”

Gamble said that the best part of the show is the volunteer cast.

“The thing that is so interesting and appealing is that it’s not a professional production done by an entire cast,” she said. “It’s a group of volunteering students dedicating their time to making the most of the production.  It’s not a requirement, it’s a choice!”

Katie Callis, a senior art education major from Hendersonville, said she enjoyed watching the hard work of the participants pay off.

“The camaraderie is the greatest part,” Callis said.  “The whole thing is really awesome.  I love seeing everything come together at each show.  Everyone that comes will find something they like.”

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The following Soundslides project, “Singarama Rookie,” was created by Benjamin Seamon.

Singarama 2010 “Can I Quote You on That?”

“I’ll Be Back”

Director: Caroline Newhouse

Delta Sigma, Delta Tau, Gamma Lambda, Pi Delta, Tau Phi and Friends

“Tomorrow is Another Day”

Director: Daniel Smith

Delta Nu, Phi Sigma, Sigma Omega Sigma and Friends

“You Can’t Handle the Truth”

Director: Ben Hardison

Delta Omega, Delta Xi, Gamma Xi, Kappa Chi, Sigma Iota Delta and Friends

Hosts & Hostesses: Mariel Bolton, Josh Britt, Zack Green, Carter Hamric, Mallory Haynes, Allison Lancaster, Carter Martin, Joe Muchmore

Singarama 2010 Hosts and Hostesses (L to R) Joe Muchmore, Carter Hamric, Allison Lancaster, Josh Britt, Zach Green, Mariel Bolton, Mallory Haynes, Carter Martin.
Student Coordinators (L to R) Kaitlynn Passon, Emily Davidson and Libby Barker
Student Directors (L to R) Daniel Smith, Caroline Newhouse and Ben Hardison