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Lipscomb Hosts Grandparents Day, Wynonna Judd Performs

Lipscomb hosted their annual Grandparents Day last Wednesday featuring one of Lipscomb’s famous Grandmothers, Wynnona Judd. The day consisted of performances, activities, and lunch with the Grandparents.

Every year Lipscomb Academy hosts Grandparents Day for Lipscomb’s students and alumni. Grandparents are welcome to come for the day and attend a service in Allen Arena.

It is a day students are able to share with their grandparents and show them what they do in their everyday life at school. Traditionally, students will leave the school day with their grandparents to go have lunch and spend time with them.

Ainsley Whitman, a senior at Lipscomb whose grandparents have attended this event for 14 years, values this day highly. With a busy schedule and college on the horizon, finding time to spend with her grandparents isn’t as easy anymore. 

“It is a time that I get to spend with my grandparents that I don’t normally get during the school week,” said Whitman.

This year, the day featured a special guest, Wynnona Judd. Judd is a five-time Grammy award-winning artist as well as a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. 

Judd is familiar with the Lipscomb community as one of her Grandchildren, West Weaver, graduated from the Academy in 2023. She also has a grandson who is a freshman at LA, Wynn Weaver. 

Judd performed three songs for those in attendance and left the students with a piece of advice.

“Be on time, don’t waste people’s time, be prepared, do your best, pursue your dreams,” Judd said.

In addition to providing entertainment, Lipscomb takes this day as an opportunity to receive donations for school improvements. In past years this included a new playground and an updated insta-stage for the elementary school.

This year, instead of proposing a physical improvement, Brad Shultz proposed the idea to fund improvements to reading education for the elementary school. 

Funding will go towards hiring new teachers who specialize in reading training along with training current teachers to be more specialized in that field. 

Shultz also shared the anonymous donation a beneficiary made to Lipscomb that provided all students from the Seed School to the Upper School with physical, leather bound journaling Bibles. Shultz added that these Bibles are now being used daily by the students in the classroom and in their Bible classes.