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Candy, costumes and live music at The Well

On the night of the 28th, The Well Coffeehouse hosted a Halloween Showcase filled with coffee, candy and a stellar lineup featuring a few of Lipscomb’s own.  From the spooky decor to the fantastic costumes, the room filled with excitement as familiar faces took the stage.

Kelle Cates, one of the student performers, says “I always enjoy doing shows near campus… I hope to do more live band shows where students are able to get there easily and have a good time!”

People slowly made their way to the coffeeshop as the night went on. Nearing the final few performances, a good-sized crowd had gathered in support of their fellow classmates.

The standout performances of the night undeniably came from senior Kelle Cates and sophomore Annie Harsch. Playing a variety of songs, both performers entertained the audience with songs they could sing along to while incorporating unreleased, original music.

“There is nothing better for me than getting onstage with a full band and doing songs that get everyone hyped up,” says Cates.

Other notable performers included sophomores Annie Duda and Abbie Rose as well as Lipscomb alum Lexi Gail.

Below is a gallery featuring the Lipscomb students and alum that took the stage at the Halloween Showcase.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Lipscomb student performances. You can keep up with upcoming shows at The Well here: @music_at_the_well.