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Tyler Jordan: The future of Lunacy

The Lippy Lunatics are back and in a dramatic fashion.

This student section started a year ago. After traveling down to Kennesaw State last year for the ASUN tournament basketball game and being just as loud as the home crowd, everyone knew this student section was different.

This year is already off to a hot start. The lunatics traveled to Lexington, Kentucky, for a men’s soccer game, and cheered in the Kentucky Wildcats stadium.

However, what happens when the older generation of lunatics graduates and moves on? What happens to the next generation of lunatics?

Tyler Jordan, a freshman from Ventura, California, is ready to take the reins of “Lunacy” and keep steering this section onto bigger and better things.

“I think with a little time of training, I will be ready to help takeover and carry out traditions that we’ve started and help start new ones,” Jordan said.

Jordan is a lunatic through and through. He loves everything the Lunatics stand for.

“I really loved the school spirit and have always been a big advocate for the need of people to lead chants and songs and energy at games,” Jordan said.

The former leaders noticed his wild personality and the way he goes all out for every game. They immediately put him in a Lunatic leadership role during his first semester at the school. Jordan thinks the lunatics have a bright future.

Jordan said he is most excited for big games like Battle of the Boulevard.

Last year’s Battle was one to remember. The lunatics packed the arena to the brim and ultimately stormed the court after a buzzer-beating layup by Jacob Ognacevic.

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He says his favorite part is seeing how the student section really does help the teams perform. The most notable time this year would be the women’s volleyball game against Ole Miss.

Ole Miss took a commanding 2 sets to 0 lead to start out, but the lunatics kept the momentum up for the Bisons. The team ended up winning the next two sets, knotting everything up at 2-2. Although Ole Miss would go on to win in the fifth set, the comeback, combined with the rowdiness of the lunatics, was one to remember.

The Ole Miss coach told one of the lunatic leaders after the game that they’d never seen a student section like that in any stadium they’d played.

Jordan also said he loves seeing everyone decked out in their lunatic attire. “We’re going to need every bit of it come game time.”