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Tennis Team Revived with New Players and Coaching

Recently the tennis program at Lipscomb Academy has made some noticeable feats, such as going to the state tournament last year. The team’s commitment and ability is on the rise as the the program works to reestablish themselves as dominant competitors.

There’s multiple reasons for Lipscomb’s rise in tennis. The program has made some developments in skill over the last two years. Sophia Cullison and Maryn Brown lead the team to its first state appearance since 2015 and its first tournament win since 2004. Coach Brown said she is “incredibly proud.” 

Brown spoke about the team’s shift from a lower division where “we were constantly winning state,” into a higher division with better competition. “They have shown a lot more dedication throughout the year… and it’s been paying off in big ways,” Brown said.

The team has also made some noticeable athletic developments. They have welcomed athletes from a wide range of other sports such as golf, hockey, swim and even football. Boyce Igou came to Lipscomb to play football but then “fell in love with the [tennis] program,” he said. The team has acquired a range of athletic diversity, raising their skill level and allowing the team to compete successfully.

While the team hasn’t found a head coach yet, they’re looking for someone who is a tennis professional. Coach Brown said that we are looking for someone “who is dedicated full time,” to the program. Coach Brown also mentioned that the athletic department has been interviewing and hoping to find someone this fall. A strong and professional leader will bring the team to a new level and raise the competition.

With new coaching, rising skill, and a great deal of new athleticism, Lipscomb Academy tennis is on the rise.