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    Dirt may be more important than you think

    Lipscomb University’s 12th annual Student Scholars Symposium celebrates the original works and research of students. The presentations include scientific, artistic, and musical works. Isabella Whitt, a sophomore Environmental Sustainable Science major from Lebanon, TN gives us the dirt on regenerative agriculture and soil health. Regenerative agriculture is an approach to food and farming systems using conservation and rehabilitation. “This is something people should know because if we don’t integrate this process into our current agricultural society we won’t have enough soil,” Regenerative agriculture is a practice which generates soil through nutrient cycling, carbon transformation, and support through the physical and chemical structure of soil. Soil may not be something that…

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    In this short op-doc, we talk about sustainability. Dr. Emily Jones believes sustainability is “humans thriving within the environment.” As the Director of Environmental Science and Sustainability at Lipscomb University, Jones works with students to promote sustainability for today and the future. Landon Austin reports. Music by Kevin MacLeod at filmmusic.io.