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    Security Lieutenant Edlao Finds Community and Faith on the Pickleball Court 

    The snap of pickleball paddles is not the first sound you’d associate with campus security, yet for Jacy Edlao, a respected Lipscomb security officer, it’s the sound of community, faith, and connection. Born in Hawaii and drawn to Tennessee by a divine call, it was on Lipscomb’s pickleball courts where Edlao’s passion for service found an unexpected yet fitting arena.  Edlao was born in Hawaii when he felt the Lord calling him to move to Tennessee. He sold a pest control company that he owned just before Covid began and left for Tennessee in 2021.   Edlao has a passion for law enforcement work and decided on a career in college security…

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    Renovations possible for the SAC

    The student athletic center, also known as the “SAC”, here at Lipscomb University has always been a staple building on campus. But, according to Kegan York, director of campus recreation, we now have more students than recreation center. “We’ve definitely outgrown our space.” Kegan York Built in 1994, the SAC didn’t have any renovations done until 2011, which moved the weight room from where the Freshens is now to where the weight room now lives. It also got repainted. And in 2019, they added what York called the Rogue Room, as pictured here. It’s more of a “crossfit” type of room than a traditional weight room. Also, last summer, the…