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    From coffee to classroom: Lipscomb’s College of Business transforms entrepreneurship

    At Lipscomb University, The Well Coffeehouse does more than just serve coffee to its community. Founded by the current Director of the Center for Vocational Discovery, Rob Touchstone, it exemplifies how business ventures can extend their impact from local communities to a worldwide mission, and has inspired an innovative academic program for Lipscomb students.  Since founding The Well in 2012, Touchstone has opened six locations across Nashville. The location, across from Lipscomb’s intramural field, has become a place where students, faculty and community members meet for coffee, work, and occasionally listen to live music. After its establishment, Touchstone wanted The Well’s profits to transition entirely to helping impoverished places around…

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    A Beautiful Day for baseball

    This past Tuesday was Lipscomb’s A Beautiful Day, and amidst many events, the baseball team hosted Vanderbilt. The first time Vandy had come to Lipscomb for a home game in 14 years, the stands – and surrounding hills – were packed. In fact, the final official attendance number was 1,547, a record number for Lipscomb baseball. Check out some snapshots from the game, taken by Herd Media Photographer Micah Barkley.

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    Dr. McQueen announces “A Beautiful Day” – The fascinating history of Lipscomb’s “A Beautiful Day”

    Originally Posted Spring 2023 When you hear the phrase “it’s a beautiful day”, there are many different things that come to mind. For some, it may be sunny weather. Perfect conditions, that aren’t too hot and aren’t too cold. Some may think of Mr. Rogers’ famous theme song, “Its A Beautiful Day In This Neighborhood”. For others, it may be just a common expression in passing conversation. For Lipscomb students, however, the phrase “it’s a beautiful day!” takes a much richer meaning. It means a day for students to temporarily forget the pressures of classes and enjoy festivities with their peers. A day for the Lipscomb community to create life-long…

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    Themes of The Eras: Singarama showcases Lipscomb history through performance and storytelling

    Willard Collins Auditorium was the place for song, dance, performance and storytelling on Saturday afternoon, as the third showing of the 61st annual Singarama event took place on Lipscomb University’s campus. Judging for the matinee show was focused on the Best Theme category, as the three acts each look to earn points for the overall sweepstakes. The matinee show was won by the 70s era’s performance, “Delta NaNaNa“, which was directed by Catherine Marshall & Lincoln Brown and was preformed by the Phi Sigma, Gamma Lambda and Sigma Iota Delta social clubs, as well as friends. The winner of the overall sweepstakes will be decided and announced at the end…

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    Lipscomb’s Red Dog Productions Revamps The Well Stage

    If you have attended a show at The Well recently, you may have noticed a few changes. The stage has undergone a rebranding and operational shift, now under the management of Red Dog Productions, a hands-on venue management practicum for Lipscomb’s music students.  These students are learning the ins and outs of running a performance based business. “Students get to book shows, work with artists, ticket shows, manage shows, host shows, run the sound and lights. They get to have their hands in that whole thing,” says John J. Thompson, director of music industry studies. The practicum students, alongside Thompson and adjunct professors, spent last semester re-inventing the program. Thompson…

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    Rethinking Higher Education: The Impact of a Four-Day Academic Week

    In 1926, Henry Ford initiated the transition from a 6-day work week to a 5-day week, aiming to enhance efficiency on assembly lines. Over time, this model became adopted worldwide, including in academic institutions. Lipscomb University’s standard schedule offers classes Monday-Friday, night and day.  The college of Business, however, has most of its classes on a four day a week schedule. Dr. Allison Duke, senior associate dean for the college of business explains the operation.   “There are some classes that we offer just on Tuesday Thursday and Monday Wednesday. There are still some classes we still need to operate on a MWF schedule. The idea is that that would allow…

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    The success of Lipscomb alum band has paved the way for new arts festival on campus

    The Arcadian Wild has earned an impressive list of accomplishments since their formation in 2013. From charting on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart multiple times to playing at The Ryman Auditorium, the band has created quite the name for itself.  Issac Horn, guitarist, and Lincoln Mick, mandolinist, first met at Lipscomb University where they bonded over a shared interest of Americana music. In 2020, they introduced Bailey Warren, fiddler, into the band full time. The Arcadian Wild now makes indie folk music but draws inspiration from other genres like country to pop and everything in between.  Horn and Mick return to their roots to headline CEA’s Wild Bison Music and Arts…

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    College of Engineering Rocket Car Rally: Two decades of rocket car racing

    On Friday, Feb. 23, during Lipscomb’s Giving Week and National Engineers Week, the College of Engineering kicked off its annual “Rocket Car Rally” for students to compete in. The competition has been a long-standing College of Engineering tradition for about two decades and invites students of all years and various interests in STEM to compete.  The preparation begins every year with students establishing their teams and being given a small wedge of wood [about eight inches by two inches wide] two weeks prior to the competition. They then modify and transform their wood wedges into their rocket cars. The students are allowed to paint, sand, and add various accessories to…

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    University Studies: A new outlook on your college degree

    Lipscomb University offers a variety of degree pathways that allow students to study for their desired careers. But what if your interests don’t align with a set curriculum? Now Lipscomb offers an option called “university studies.”   A university studies degree is a program that allows students to customize their own curriculum, as the degree is not tied to any one department or college. If a student wants to emphasize on a certain skill set, but a pre-existing curriculum doesn’t fit the bill, the university studies degree allows them the flexibility to combine courses and teach them the skills they are seeking to gain. There are still requirements, though. Students must…

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    Security Lieutenant Edlao Finds Community and Faith on the Pickleball Court 

    The snap of pickleball paddles is not the first sound you’d associate with campus security, yet for Jacy Edlao, a respected Lipscomb security officer, it’s the sound of community, faith, and connection. Born in Hawaii and drawn to Tennessee by a divine call, it was on Lipscomb’s pickleball courts where Edlao’s passion for service found an unexpected yet fitting arena.  Edlao was born in Hawaii when he felt the Lord calling him to move to Tennessee. He sold a pest control company that he owned just before Covid began and left for Tennessee in 2021.   Edlao has a passion for law enforcement work and decided on a career in college security…