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    Lipscomb kicks off the holiday season with 19th annual Lighting of the Green

    Lipscomb president Dr. Candice McQueen on stage with Amy Grant at Lighting of the Green in 2023

    Lipscomb continued a popular community tradition Tuesday night with the 19th annual Lighting of the Green. Amy Grant made an appearance once again and led the event with “Tennessee Christmas,” “Rockin’  Around the Christmas Tree,” “Heirlooms” and “Emmanuel.”  Lipscomb Academy and Lipscomb University choirs also performed on the stage outside of Allen Arena. “It’s another way to put Jesus into the Christmas season,” said Kalissa Finn, a Gospel Choir member. “That’s the main reason why I love bringing the Gospel Choir out here for the Lighting of the Green.” Inside Allen Arena was the Merry Marketplace, where local vendors set up shop to sell crafts and other wares. Rachel Risley,…

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    Men’s Soccer wins its third straight ASUN conference tournament championship 

    Lipscomb University men’s soccer won its third straight ASUN Championship Saturday, defeating Bellarmine 1-0.   The Bisons were charging early, but it was not easy. Excellent goal protection by Bellarmine’s Lukas Tharp prevented a set of goals early from Malachi Jones. That included a saved penalty kick by Tharp to keep the Bisons from catching an early lead.  Solid defending by Lipscomb set them up to take a 1-0 lead in the 40th minute. Jones was able to find Javanne Smith, who then flicked it into the net.   In the 75th minute, the Bisons found trouble. Juan Carlos Rodriguez received a red card, putting the Bisons down a man and having to go…

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    Editorial: One people united under one God for the same mission at the Dove Awards

    “Fall in love with Jesus, not what you do for Jesus. What we do for Jesus might change, but if you love Him, it doesn’t matter what you do.” Tiffany Hudson, 54th Annual Dove Awards There’s no denying that there is something special about the Dove Awards. Each year, renowned artists and creators from around the world gather in celebration of another year of accomplishments, growth and ministry. Down the length of the red carpet at the 54th Annual Dove Awards, there was nothing but union and encouragement among artists. You see a group of people following God under the same mission. There is so much more in these creators…

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    Dolly Parton visits Lipscomb to preview “My Life in Rhinestones” fashion exhibit

    Charlotte Poling, left, Dolly Parton, Jamie Reschke, and Dr. Candice McQueen, right, pose together at the exhibit

    Earlier this week, the iconic Dolly Parton visited Lipscomb University’s campus to get an advance look at the installation of her upcoming fashion exhibit “Dolly Parton and the Makers: My Life in Rhinestones”. According to a statement from Lipscomb’s vice president of communications and marketing, Kim Chaudoin, Parton was at the school for an interview with Norah O’Donnell from CBS News. The interview took place in Beaman Library, where the exhibit is being held. Parton’s interview with O’Donnell was about her upcoming book “Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones” as well as the “Dolly Parton and the Makers: My Life in Rhinestones” fashion exhibit that is being hosted on…

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    Does your phone ring in class? – FEMA testing the Emergency Alert System

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency will be partnering with the Federal Communications commission to conduct a test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS).   There will be 2 parts of the test. The first part will be testing the Emergency Alert System, and the second part will test the Wireless Emergency Alert System (WEA).   Both tests will begin at approximately 1:20 CT on Wednesday, Oct. 4th.   What does this mean for you? The WEA portion of the test will send an alert to all cellular devices. While the EAS portion will be sending messages to radios and televisions.   FEMA and the FCC are coordinating with participants, wireless providers, and emergency managers…

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    Lipscomb by the numbers – Lipscomb’s newest class of students (2023)

    One of the most notable things when coming back after the long summer break is how many new faces you see around campus. And in 2023 this has become even more apparent. This is the largest incoming class of freshmen and transfers than ever before. So let’s take a closer look at some of the numbers from Lipscomb’s newest class of students. A total of 893 NEW undergraduate students, including freshmen, transfers, and new online students have enrolled for the 2023 Fall semester. This makes for the largest class of new undergraduate students in Lipscomb’s history. Here’s the breakdown: 705 incoming freshmen, 160 transfer students, and 34 international students. 41…

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    Sharing or Stealing? The debate around dining and Lipscomb ID cards continues after recent notice on campus

    A Lipscomb student waiting in line at Freshens, with a warning sign about student IDs sitting in front of him

    It’s approaching the end of a semester. One student has plenty of pre-paid credit on their meal card…but their roommate is broke. So they swap ID’s to get a meal. But hold on just a minute. That could now land both of them in trouble. Sharing student IDs to purchase meals on campus has become a common practice for many students, but Lipscomb is now enforcing a strict new policy that’s going to change our behavior. You may have seen the signs already: “Lipscomb ID Cards can only be used by the person it belongs to. If you try to make a purchase with a card that does not belong to you the…

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    “I And You” and all of us: students lead Lipscomb’s latest theatre production

    The Lipscomb University theatre department is back with a completely student-led production, I and You. You may only see two actors on stage, but it involves more than a dozen students in key roles behind the scenes.  photo courtesy of Kaylie Herpolsheimer The play is about two high schoolers required to meet for a project. The main characters are played by two senior theatre majors. Lorenzo Rivera plays Anthony and Marley Crouch plays Caroline.  “The story is really interesting,” says Crouch. “Just to watch these two people meet for the first time and learn more about each other and to experience life with someone else is just a really cool thing…

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    Over two decades later, a look back at how Allen Arena came to be

    Ever heard of the phrase “If these walls could talk”? It’s an expression that references the history of a certain place and the things that have many things that have happened there. Well, if the walls could talk in Allen Arena, they would certainly have a lot of things to say and plenty of stories to tell. Since first opening its doors in 2001, it’s seen everything from musical performances, chapel services, award shows, buzzer-beaters, and court stormings. The home of the Bisons has been the setting for many moments and memories that have been etched into Lipscomb history forever. But how did Allen Arena come to be? Why is…

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    Lipscomb baseball documentary wins prestigious Murrow Award

    The eighteen minute and thirty-seven second video documentary captured more than just the story of the iconic Nashville Sounds’ scoreboard — it captured the cherished memories of players, coaches, and the people of Nashville. The Grand Ole Guitar is more than just any old scoreboard. As interviewee and former Sounds pitcher R.A. Dickey said in the video, “in my mind it’s the Nashville landmark. If I could put in my backyard, I would try, that’s how much I think it means to this city.” The Lipscomb University School of Communication team poured hundreds of hours into the video documentary project. The proposal for the video had been selected through a…