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    Building Chemistry: The Story of Unity and Growth in Lipscomb’s Baseball Squad

    This year’s Lipscomb Baseball team is a little bigger than last year’s – numbering forty athletes strong. But they’re also facing a lot of interesting dynamics and changes coming. With thirty of the players at Junior level or above, most would expect a split among the players. But that’s not the case with Lipscomb’s team. Senior Outfielder Alex Vergara was the first to quickly put any suspicions to rest. Vergara has been on the Lipscomb team for the past two years, and has been playing college baseball for the past five. “This is the best the chemistry has ever felt,” Vergara said. “A lot of times I think guys say…

  • Arts and Entertainment

    Behind the curtain with Hello Darling — a band with origins as Lipscomb freshmen

    You never know what might come out of Lipscomb’s music ensemble classes. The Nashville-based alternative folk band Hello Darling just happens to be one of those things. The band was born when a group of five musically talented people wound up thrown together in an ensemble as freshmen and discovered they all shared a passion for good music. Hello Darling comprises juniors Patrick Armould and Grace Russell, who share lead vocals; junior Amber Sawyer on bass; senior Riley O’Donnell on drums; and senior Noah Haggard on lead guitar. They come from different parts of the country and have different majors, musical tastes and backgrounds, but they found common ground through…