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    Student attends peaceful protest at state capitol

    Following the horrific Covenant school shooting on March 27, 2023, that killed 3 students and 3 staff members and left Nashville in disbelief, Nashvillians have come together to protest for change. Protesters have gathered daily outside the capitol building since the shooting. What does a protest look like? Taylor Hart, freshman Law, Justice, and Society major, attended the protest last Monday and Tuesday. Herd Media reached out to hear about what it was like attending the protest. Silencing the Voiceless On the first day, Hart protested with the crowds looking to bring about change and to keep schools safe. It was a peaceful protest. Also, Representative Justin Jones gave Hart…

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    Grief and action: there’s a time for both

    “…My phone rang at 10:45 or maybe even earlier 10:35, and it was the mom of the third grader who goes to Covenant and she was hysterically crying, and just begged me to pray with her while she drove to try to find her daughter… and so I just prayed out loud for 15 minutes while she wailed. And it was really hard. It was also a privilege,” says Kellett. Professor and future chair of the Lipscomb English Department, Dr. Brandi Kellett is very connected to the March 27th incident at the Covenant School. She worshipped with Dr. Katherine Koonce, the headmaster who was killed. A Covenant mom of one…