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    Backlog: Vandalism or Expression

    Republished from the Backlog 1989, pg. 28-29. Everyone has seen the many looks of the Bison this year. It has worn everything from zebra stripes to Bush/Quayle stickers. Some students label the spray-painting of the Bison as art. According to Junior Jason Shelton, it is a way of expressing inner feelings. Todd Roland considers it a harmless way to “blow off steam” and would rather see the Bison paint- ed. than a building or a car. This certainly becomes true when the “art” is an expression of a rival school. Yet other students take a more serious opinion. Sophomore Todd Burleson feels “the person(s) responsible for this must not have…

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    Watch for Bobo the Bison; he’ll appear soon

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    Republished from The Babbler, Vol. 31, No. 13, Jan. 25, 1952. For the past fifty years, a nondescript character has been roaming the campus of DLC. Though reticent and unassuming, he has always displayed a confident gleam in his eye. He has never missed a day in chape, has shouted vigorously for the team at every ball game, and has eaten insatiably at every dorm party. Present at every Freshman Mixer, he has drunk more cider and eaten more doughnuts than anyone else. In fact, he eats most anything and is always the first in the cafeteria line. Every September he has been the most excited person, greeting old friends…