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    Backlog: A leader and a friend can be found in the 1996 Miss Lipscomb, senior Candice Hunter

    Republished from the Backlog 1996. Earning the title of Miss Lipscomb requires that the nominees fit several criteria. Candice Hunter, twice nominated, first by friends Tonya Pearson and Rachel Turman, and again by classmate James Brown, far exceeds the established standards. The student body’s majority vote for Candice was not a surprise as the popular senior is involved in a multitude of school activities. A member of Gamma Lambda since her freshman year, Candice is thankful for her friendly and kind club sisters. Candice bubbles over with gratitude and praise for her wonderful friends. “The people in Gamma Lambda would do anything to help another person in need.” Helping those…

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    Backlog: Vandalism or Expression

    Republished from the Backlog 1989, pg. 28-29. Everyone has seen the many looks of the Bison this year. It has worn everything from zebra stripes to Bush/Quayle stickers. Some students label the spray-painting of the Bison as art. According to Junior Jason Shelton, it is a way of expressing inner feelings. Todd Roland considers it a harmless way to “blow off steam” and would rather see the Bison paint- ed. than a building or a car. This certainly becomes true when the “art” is an expression of a rival school. Yet other students take a more serious opinion. Sophomore Todd Burleson feels “the person(s) responsible for this must not have…