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Revisiting the Eras: Singarama’s Spectacular Night Two Performance

This year’s rendition of the cherished tradition delved deep into Lipscomb’s storied history, with each era shining on stage, competing for the top prize. From the rebellious beats of the Delta NaNaNa Era to the inspirational tales of the 90s, every performance transported the audience through time, encapsulating the essence of Lipscomb’s journey over the decades. 

Night 2 brought a new level of competition to the stage with major rights on the line. 70s: The Delta NaNaNa Era, 80s: The Championship Era, and the 90s: The Era of Inspiration all competed for the Visual Elements Award as well as the award for best Choreography. 

Singarama: The Eras goes beyond the heated competition. It is a chance for students and alumni to see Lipscomb history from a different perspective. 

Executive Vice President, Matt Paden reflected on Singarama: The Eras theme.  

“When we picked this theme, we had a long conversation about the importance of telling the Lipscomb story even if it’s not one hundred percent accurate. Just that there is something about this institution, and being as old of an institution as we are, there are so many stories to look back on.” 

“I’m hopeful that our students will not just think about the stories that are presented here but maybe that they are a part of something larger and bigger and that this is something that has been going on for a long time. They are providing new stories every day for students in the future to look back on in different eras. “ 

Singarama: The Eras has showcased a number of historic and theatrical stories. The Delta NaNaNa Era told us about a group of students who wanted to bring rock music to Lipscomb’s campus, defying traditions. The stolen mascot during the Championship Era and the origin story of Healing Hands Internation through the Inspiration Era.  

Singarama is also a time for many students, alumni, faculty, family and friends to come together and share their favorite Lipscomb memories and stories. Throughout each Singarama performance, different notable alumni mention their Lipscomb story.  

Paden mentioned that it is always a special time when alumni get to come back to campus. “Singarama is probably one of our largest gatherings of alumni over the four shows. We will have all kinds of alums come back to town, come back from across town, wherever they may be. They come together in groups. They come together with people they did the show with back in their day. “ 

“It shows all of us that this is something that is bigger than just us individually and it is something that we connect to. It is just a really special time to have good memories, to be around people you care about, and to support the institution that you love.” 

To recap the second night of performances, check out Night One recap here. In this addition we will look at the surprises of each group.  

The Delta NaNaNa Era was when Professor McCarthy ripped his faculty attire to a flashy gold shirt in order to get his boogie on. As well as the President Pullias appearances.  

80s era surprise was the trip to Donut Den, the riff off against Arkansas, and President McQueen showing up from the future in the Back-2-The-Future car.  

The Inspiration Era gave a shoutout to our own “The Babbler” with the response being, “Who’s blabbing?”  

To close out the night, Matt Paden presented the awards for Visual Elements and Choreography.  

The Visual Elements Award was presented to the 80s: The Championship Era. The 90s: The Era of Inspiration took home the prize for Choreography.  

Saturday, April 6, 2024, is your last chance to catch Singarama: The Eras. There will be shows at 1PM and 7PM.  

Following the 1PM show the title of best Theme will be presented. While at 7PM, the era with the best Entertainment and Vocals will also be honored.  

The Singarama Sweepstakes Award will be presented at the end of Saturday night’s show. 

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Photos by Isaiah Davis