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Gym renovation: Players look forward to update 

Both of the gyms are undergoing renovations that are set to finish the week before Thanksgiving Break. The renovations are being done to bring a liveliness to the gym and create excitement for the students. 

Students noticed workers in the auxiliary gym right before fall break, and excitement arose. No one was expecting the renovation other than the basketball team, who were told about the gyms over the summer. The gym renovations came from the Academy wanting to improve our athletic programs. 

According to Andrew Greer, a varsity boys basketball coach, our school has made a lot of improvements to other athletic programs, and the new gyms are an upgrade for the basketball team. Greer said that it’s important to provide great resources for student athletes. 

“The best we can offer is what we want to do,” Greer said. 

The gym isn’t being fully redone, just renovated. The updated gym will bring fresh energy to the programs while preserving the legacy that has already been established at Lipscomb Academy. According to Greer, the new design honors the rich history of the program. 

“It’s been a mix of trying to keep the nostalgia from the old Lipscomb and bring in the hype of what we’re doing. We’re still holding true to who we were before and trying to do our best to honor the guys that came before us,” Greer stated. “I’m so excited about what that means for the future of our team and our programs.” 

Jamison Tillman, a senior basketball player, said that the team has been practicing at the lower school while the gyms are being redone and that they are excited to get to play on the new court. 

“Everybody is excited, especially since the main gym looks great,” Tillman said.

The court renovations are made possible by the support of donors, the athletic department and school administration. The athletic programs are excited about these changes as well as many other players who use the gyms. 

The gyms are set to be fully finished the week before Thanksgiving Break. Many say they “love the new,” as Jamison said. If you want to go check out the new courts you can go to the first varsity home game against Hillsboro on November 15 at 7:30.