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    Can you dig it?

    Archaeology is the study of past humanity. Archaeologists study those things that were used, changed, and created by humans.  The thing about finding an ancient artifact like a pyramid or an aged skeleton is that you can’t put a price on it. Every artifact has a story, according to Dr. Thomas Davis. He says his route to this career “was an interest in history…I realized that the thing about archaeology is that archeology doesn’t lie.”  Dr. Thomas Davis is an Archaeologist and Professor here at Lipscomb who has traveled the world to find these great artifacts. Dr. Davis has journeyed to many different places in his 40-year archaeologist career, including…

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    Volunteers needed to study trauma effects

    As we all know, there are challenges when a student transitions from high school to college. But are there unique problems for those who have survived “difficult” childhoods? A Lipscomb graduate student has designed a survey to investigate the effects of trauma later in life. Baljeet Loaee, a psychology graduate student has launched a study of “the association between childhood maltreatment and student adaptation to college and their academic performance.”  The study is built around a 30 to 45 minute survey for students over 18 years old.  Loaee says there is not much evidence on the impact of childhood trauma on undergraduate students and their adaptation to college. “This research will…