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Grant Pollock Senior Profile

1) Name, hometown, major

Nashville, Tennessee, Bible

2) What’s next after your graduation?

Work for a while, save some money, go to grad school for a Master’s in Education.

3) Long term career goals?

No concrete plans as of now, but I would love to teach.

4) What is the most important thing you learned at Lipscomb?

College is 90% experience and 10% education.  Open your mind, not in a “hippy, la-la” type of way, but in a “respect other people’s viewpoints” type of way.

5) Who at Lipscomb influenced you the most and how?

Whether it’s a belief system, music I listen to, or the movies I watch, I am just so different than everyone I know.  It’s not like I am intentionally different just for the sake of it, that’s just me. I don’t really influence my friends and they don’t influence me.  We never make an attempt to change each other.  Just relax together, enjoy each other’s company, and be friendly to each other.