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    A Look into Sarah Free’s Musical Journey: From Young Creativity to Exploring New Sounds at Lipscomb

    Ever since she was young, Sarah Free, a senior songwriting major from Hendersonville, TN, had a passion for music. “Before I could talk, I was humming,” Free says, “the classic thing, and just kind of making up songs when I was little on like whatever instrument I could get my hands on.” Free switched from public to a private Christian school when her family moved to Tennessee after her eighth grade year. She says that move had a vital role in her decision to pursue music.  “I was able to do a lot of musical things and was kind of like affirmed in my creativity. They were pretty welcoming there…

  • Arts and Entertainment

    Candy, costumes and live music at The Well

    On the night of the 28th, The Well Coffeehouse hosted a Halloween Showcase filled with coffee, candy and a stellar lineup featuring a few of Lipscomb’s own.  From the spooky decor to the fantastic costumes, the room filled with excitement as familiar faces took the stage. Kelle Cates, one of the student performers, says “I always enjoy doing shows near campus… I hope to do more live band shows where students are able to get there easily and have a good time!” People slowly made their way to the coffeeshop as the night went on. Nearing the final few performances, a good-sized crowd had gathered in support of their fellow…