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    3 men God used to save nations

    Republished from Bible and Basketball, March 8, 2023. God Loves all people. That does not mean he loves all ideas. A lot of times, God will move His hand through individuals to allow nations to experience His glory. The three men that God used in the Bible that I will hit on are Joseph, Moses and Joshua in that order. Joseph Joseph was the 12th son of Jacob and Sarah. Joseph has a dream that his brothers were all worshiping him through a symbolic vision of stalks of grain. Long story short, Joseph was betrayed by his brothers and was sold into slavery, then falsely accused of harassing the wife…

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    How to Juggle the Consistent Battle of Judging

    Republished from He Will Be Worth the Wait, February 23, 2023. Judging is such a simple thing to do. We see someone whose hair is unbrushed and the first thing we think is why didn’t they take two seconds to run a hairbrush through their hair? Or on a more serious note, we see two kids in class cheating and our initial thought is maybe if they had been more studious like me and studied they wouldn’t be doing that. Now don’t get me wrong; I am not encouraging cheating in any way. I am just saying how easy it is to judge someone. As a Christian, I think judgment…

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    Comparison is killing your joy in life

    Republished from Quincy Clark Hoops, March 2, 2023. A big part of life and specifically the sport of basketball is comparing people. It’s perfectly fine for others to compare you to your peers or other players. It all turns bad when you start to compare yourself to others. I’ve done it before throughout my whole career, and it has made me miserable. I was so concerned about what another player was able to do better than me that I lost sight of my own strengths. I began to play my game trying to prove I could do the same things the person I was comparing myself to could do. It…