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    New initiatives focused on engaging commuters beyond classes

    'No Student Parking' sign

    Commuter students leave campus as soon as their classes are over. That’s the trend Lipscomb is trying to fight against. The Commuter Students Services is increasing efforts to integrate off-campus students as part of the full college experience, creating committees, positions, and events. Lipscomb established the first-ever Commuter Opportunities Resources and Experiences council last fall. The C.O.R.E wants to represent commuter students and give them a voice. Its objective is to be a channel to express concerns to the administration and increase involvement in campus life. Heleena Kabtimer, the first Coordinator of Commuter Student Services and 2022 alumna, came back to Lipscomb to serve as part of the Office of…

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    A glance into Lipscomb’s famous Quest Week

    Quest Week is a long-standing tradition at Lipscomb University that encourages and establishes a lasting community for incoming students. The hard work, dedication, and preparation can often be glanced over, but it’s what makes the week a memorable experience for those who participate. Tours, panels, new student orientations, and various events occur during Quest Week to ensure that new students feel supported by faculty, staff, and current students on campus. Quest leaders work all summer to provide support to incoming first-year students.  Quest veteran Ashlyn Holmes, senior nursing major, explains that her Quest experience was so impactful that it drove her to be a part of what made her first…