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    Lipscomb’s class of 2024: Starting college in the shadow of COVID-19

    Picture this: it’s a hot, sunny morning in late August 2020. You’re a freshman, and it’s your first day of class. Things on campus look different than those of college students of past generations. When this freshman class walks out of their dorm room and looks around, they notice fellow students wearing face masks, keeping their heads down, and staying away from each other.  This was the experience for many four years ago. Nearly 700 students started their first semester during the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, in 2024, the students who came to Lipscomb in 2020 as freshmen are about to graduate.  College freshmen in 2020 had just come out…

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    Reflecting on Covid-19

    In this short op-doc, we talk about Covid-19. Covid-19 changed our way of life. Lost in the chaos was the social impact it had on students. In March of 2020, students left for spring break only to find that they wouldn’t be returning to campus. Blake shares the impact this abrupt change in life had on him and how he has coped. Spencer Barnabee reports. Music by Purple Planet.