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    College of Engineering Rocket Car Rally: Two decades of rocket car racing

    On Friday, Feb. 23, during Lipscomb’s Giving Week and National Engineers Week, the College of Engineering kicked off its annual “Rocket Car Rally” for students to compete in. The competition has been a long-standing College of Engineering tradition for about two decades and invites students of all years and various interests in STEM to compete.  The preparation begins every year with students establishing their teams and being given a small wedge of wood [about eight inches by two inches wide] two weeks prior to the competition. They then modify and transform their wood wedges into their rocket cars. The students are allowed to paint, sand, and add various accessories to…

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    University Studies: A new outlook on your college degree

    Lipscomb University offers a variety of degree pathways that allow students to study for their desired careers. But what if your interests don’t align with a set curriculum? Now Lipscomb offers an option called “university studies.”   A university studies degree is a program that allows students to customize their own curriculum, as the degree is not tied to any one department or college. If a student wants to emphasize on a certain skill set, but a pre-existing curriculum doesn’t fit the bill, the university studies degree allows them the flexibility to combine courses and teach them the skills they are seeking to gain. There are still requirements, though. Students must…

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    Lipscomb’s class of 2024: Starting college in the shadow of COVID-19

    Picture this: it’s a hot, sunny morning in late August 2020. You’re a freshman, and it’s your first day of class. Things on campus look different than those of college students of past generations. When this freshman class walks out of their dorm room and looks around, they notice fellow students wearing face masks, keeping their heads down, and staying away from each other.  This was the experience for many four years ago. Nearly 700 students started their first semester during the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, in 2024, the students who came to Lipscomb in 2020 as freshmen are about to graduate.  College freshmen in 2020 had just come out…