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    Ahmed’s Lemonade

    In this short op-doc, we talk about entrepreneurship. Ahmed Amaar is an MBA student at Lipscomb University. But, you can also find him running a lemonade stand. His mom, Salma, taught him how to make lemonade and inspired Salma’s Lemonade. Franziska Decker reports.

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    Small Business Bash promotes opportunity, charity

    Outdoor Autumn Market

    The Honors College at Lipscomb will host a Small Business Bash on the lawn of the Honors House October 20th from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Fifteen percent of the total revenue from each student business will be given to Book’em; a nonprofit promoting childhood literacy. Many young entrepreneurs know the difficulty of finding a location to sell their products. Through the Small Business Bash, creative students will receive a space to sell their products and promote their brands around campus. One major benefit of face-to-face selling is the interpersonal connections the consumer gains with the creator. Additionally, buyers can physically handle the products rather than buy the product online…