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    Can you dig it?

    Archaeology is the study of past humanity. Archaeologists study those things that were used, changed, and created by humans.  The thing about finding an ancient artifact like a pyramid or an aged skeleton is that you can’t put a price on it. Every artifact has a story, according to Dr. Thomas Davis. He says his route to this career “was an interest in history…I realized that the thing about archaeology is that archeology doesn’t lie.”  Dr. Thomas Davis is an Archaeologist and Professor here at Lipscomb who has traveled the world to find these great artifacts. Dr. Davis has journeyed to many different places in his 40-year archaeologist career, including…

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    What archaeology tells us about then and now

    Ancient places, letters, hieroglyphs and more. The remains of the past often lead to discoveries of knowledge that are still applicable today.  What is the benefit of decoding these often cryptic time capsules, and what is the take away? Dr. Mark Janzen believes it can make us better understand the Christian story. On Friday, October 21st, Lipscomb University held its first-ever Faculty Research Day. Students and faculty alike gathered in the Ezell Center to learn about topics ranging from science, music, and archaeology. The presenters included Dr. Mark Janzen, an Associate Professor of Archaeology and Ancient History at Lipscomb’s Lanier Center for Archaeology. Janzen discusses the benefit of preserving archaeology…