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D.L.C. on the air

Republished from The Babbler, Vol. 13, No. 2, Oct. 21, 1932.

Each Thursday evening from 6 to 6:30 Central Standard a program is broadcast by David Lipscomb College over Radio Station WLAC, operating on a frequency of 1470 kilocycles. School leaders speak each time.

The Keynotes who rendered us such a splendid program last Friday eventing have been singing each week. They deserve a note of thanks from every one connected with the college. The Babbler takes this opportunity to thank the Keynoters for the services which they have generously given us, as well as those that made this hour possible.

The student body should let the people back home know about this, because in the near future the student body of D.L.C. represented by various dramatic and musical organizations, will be heard from that station.

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