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Social clubs at DLC? Students hold answer

Republished from The Babbler, Vol. 31, No. 11, Jan. 11, 1952.

Should Lipscomb have social clubs and organizations? This question is currently before the Student Board. Whether Lipscomb adopts social clubs is of vital interest and importance not only to the present student body, but also to the students that will come to Lipscomb in the future.

Three Major Objections

Varied opinions have been expressed in the past concerning the value of such clubs. The main objections to social clubs fall into three general groups. They are: (1) the clubs would soon become cliquish, with certain groups in the pre-eminence, (2) students are too busy already, and (3) there is no need for such clubs a Lipscomb.

The first objection might be answered by observing other Christian colleges. Many of these have devised plans of democratic organizations for their social clubs, in which enthusiasm and ability to work are the determining factors in the popularity of the clubs.

True, college life is a busy life, but social clubs would not make it a great deal busier. The present organizations and clubs on the campus each have a definite purpose for its being in existence. Along with this purpose, each of the present clubs must undertake to provide social life for its members. Social clubs would relieve the present clubs of much of this extra responsibility. The added consumption of the student’s time would not be great.

The social side of student life can be improved at Lipscomb. Social clubs are a logical solution to this problem. Also, social clubs could have a definite part in improving the school spirit at Lipscomb, which sometimes is sadly lacking. The proper type of social clubs could aid student life at Lipscomb in many ways.

Everyone’s Problem

The question of social clubs is not solely the problem of the Student Board–it is the problem of each student of Lipscomb. Think the matter over carefully and talk it over with your Student Board representative. He cannot adequately represent you if you fail to make your opinions known to him.

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