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    How to get yourself into the proper mindset for writing

    Republished from Creative Writing and Insane Literature: advice on creative writing and interesting books, February 16, 2023. Imagine yourself sitting in front of your laptop with a blank page on your screen. You have a paper due in a few days, and you need to start working on it. You want to start writing, but you just can’t stop procrastinating.  If you’re anything like me, this has happened to you more than once. Most people that write have a few tricks to get themselves into the mood for writing. Some kind of routine or mood that they set up to begin writing. For me, it’s partly about motivation. In an interview with…

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    Hollywood Actor Brian Jones Shares Life Story Through Hilarious Anecdotes

    ^Listen to the podcast here!^ “I almost just made my very first mistake in my life.”  This quote without context could seem extremely narcissistic, but coming from Brian Michael Jones, the new theater teacher and director of plays here at Lipscomb academy, it’s clearly said in jest.  After having him as my teacher and director in the radio play “It’s a Wonderful Life,” I wanted to learn his origin story and ask some questions about his experience as an actor. Some may say that if you love your work you’ll never work a day in your life, but from what Jones says, I’ve become a bit more humble and realize…