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    Lipscomb-Palooza – Lipscomb’s first on-campus music festival

    Lipscomb Palooza is the first on-campus music festival at Lipscomb, featuring the artists, River and Rail, Amber Sawyer, Luke Bandy, Hello Darling, Kelle Cates, and Garden. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Luke Bandy (@lukeebandy) Lipscomb Palooza came from the brains of Luke Bandy and Amber Sawyer. The purpose of this festival is to intertwine the music community with the general population here at Lipscomb. Since the pandemic, there hasn’t been much enthusiasm for on-campus events from students, especially in the entertainment department.  At the peak of the pandemic, Luke Bandy was a freshman at Lipscomb in 2020. He said there wasn’t much of a music scene…