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    IMG at Lipscomb Game Preview

    Tension remains high at Lipscomb Academy as the varsity football team prepares to go against IMG Academy in this Friday’s game. Currently ranked no. 4 nationally, the Ascenders are proving themselves to be the Mustang’s biggest competition in years. Lipscomb Academy students are not the only ones anxious to watch the game. With over 2,000 tickets sold, this game is attracting a lot of attention nationwide, with even coaches like Nick Saban rumored to attend.  What’s New With The Mustangs Following the 2022-2023 football season, the Mustangs have experienced multiple changes to their football program. Looking forward to the new season, you can expect to see a lot of new…

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    Kickin’ It – The data behind NFL kickers, how they make and how they miss

    Not many positions in pro sports are as much as an anomaly as an NFL kicker. Kicking in the NFL isn’t just as simple as having a strong leg. It’s about accuracy and refinement. It’s about your other ten teammates stepping up and doing their job correctly; from the snap, to the hold, to the blocking, all the way to the kick itself. And even if some of those things go perfectly, a simple push of wind can turn a game-winning field goal that leaves you a hero, into a missed opportunity that sees millions calling for your job. It’s a job that despite all of these factors, it’s comes…

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    Academy football defeats CPA in BlueCross Bowl, claims state title

    Lumination Network mockup for archival pieces.

    Republished from Lumination Network, Dec. 2, 2021. CHATTANOOGA – The Lipscomb Academy varsity football team won the BlueCross Bowl Division II-AA Tennessee State Championship over the Christ Presbyterian Academy Lions 27-0 Thursday morning at Finley Stadium in Chattanooga. Senior quarterback Luther Richesson led the Mustangs to their first Division II-AA state title, going 16-for-18 in the air for 147 yards, a touchdown and an interception. A matchup rich with storylines brought together two teams with revenge on their minds: after CPA took down Lipscomb in last year’s state championship game, Lipscomb punished the Lions at home in a 38-0 drubbing to win the regular season title. This time around, it was…